Top 7 Favourite TV Themes Lyrics Edition

TV Themes are something that drag you into loving the show you are going to be watch, the catchy the tune or musical beat the more you want to go back to hear it again. Today I am picking my favourite TV Theme Music with lyrics, this will not be including any visual from the opening sequences or musical themes as I will be looking at that another day. I would like to include one honourable mention because it is pretty much just a short burst of a catchy song and that is Scrubs.

7. Friends.

This show is one that I never really enjoy but it always has two things I loved, first the show titles ‘The One…’ and the theme music that gave us all the answers to the friendship between the characters and what they will be going through.

6. Firefly

The firefly music starts off feeling like it will just be a western but the carefully placed lyrics tell us of the adventures into space these cowboys will having in this near perfect show.

5. Malcolm in the Middle

Yes, No, Maybe I don’t know can you repeat the question, this song sums of the difficulty if being young in this world trying to find your place in the world.

4. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

One of the first pieces on music that I remember from my time watching TV as a kid and the words tell us everything we need to know about the show with funny lyrics happening throughout.

3. Monk

Monk is about the brilliant detective with obsessive disorder that struggles to get through each day and this music shows how he is scared of the jungle out there wait for him to solve the crimes and to get through the day.

2. Psych

Psych is about a young man that has never grown up helping the police solve cases pretending to be a psychic when in actual fact he is just brilliant at noticing things around. I love how this music sums of the mind set of Shawn not wanting to grow up.

1.       Cheers

Cheers is such a perfect song that puts us into world where you could go somewhere and everyone knows you name, a place where you will always fit in to the world to escape everything that has been holding you back.


13 comments on “Top 7 Favourite TV Themes Lyrics Edition

  1. Friends is still effective today. Even if you are in a foul mood you can’t help but quietly sing along or even clap at the appropriate time during that theme.

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