Opinion Battles Round 9 Favourite Marvel Cinematic Universe Character?

opinion battles

Favourite Marvel Character

The Marvel universe has taken over the world with all of the Avengers movies and to celebrate the release Captain America Civil War we are picking our favourite characters from the Marvel Universe.

If you want to take part in the next round, we are going to be picking our favourite X-Men character, if you want enter email moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk by the 15th May 2016.

Darren – Movie Reviews 101


Thor is my favourite Marvel Universe character, I enjoy the comic tone in his naivety about being part of Earth. His world gave us the only good villain in the Marvel world with Loki and you add in the mythology behind the character which is something that always fascinates me personally. And yes I am aware it isn’t the most accurate but still attempts to take us into the world. I do pick him over the rest because he is a natural hero rather than an experiment gone wrong like Captain America, Hulk or Ironman.

Kim – Tranquil Dreams



There’s something about the Spiderman story that always catches me every time. Powers and responsibilities are something are heavy in these stories. They bring out the best stories of growth and character development, whether its Toby Maguire or Andrew Garfield. 


Richard – The Humpo Show

Iron Man


Robert Downey Jr. was made for this role. I can’t get enough of his sarcastic or big-headed comments, and the banter he has with the other characters, especially with Captain America. Don’t we all want to wear the suit?!


Rob – Movie Rob

Captain America


Captain America is my favorite Marvel superhero not just because of what he stands for, but also because he has the best motivations for everything he does; he is the epitome of being an all-around ‘good guy’ who will sacrifice everything to do what is right.


His patriotism and heroism makes him someone we can all aspire to be like.


He has amazing stamina and will go to all lengths to do what is right and just… and he can really kick ass in an elevator full of Hydra agents! J


Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews


My favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe character is Thor. It was between Captain America and Thor and I figured everyone would pick Cap so I’m going to go with Thor. I love Thor’s strength but also the innocent side to his character.  Even in a weak film like Thor: the Dark World I am engaged with his story arc and what is going to happen to him.  A lot of this has to do with Chris Hemsworth and how charismatic he is. He has a winking charm to his portrayal that wins me over every time. I love his interactions with Loki and his father Odin and that he really cares about these relationships. I like in Age of Ultron when they all try to pick up his hammer but fail mightily. Of course, only he can lift it because he is the worthy one. It’s a character that could be very bland and one note but it works for me. 


Daniel – A Tale of Two Dans

Black Panther


I recently had the pleasure of seeing Civil War and it was a pleasure as I was introduced to the best that the MCU had to offer so far in the form of T’Challa AKA Black Panther. He is the most badass character to exist in the MCU and somehow stands out in a movie that features Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America and Ant-Man! His backstory is extremely rich for exploration and his skills are beyond belief. If there’s one reason you should be excited for Civil War it 100% should be to see Black Panther and the amazing actor who plays him Chadwick Boseman.


Emma – Emma Explains It All

Tony Stark / Iron Man


To be honest I don’t know an awful lot about the Marvel Cinematic Universe – either the films or the characters. And I haven’t seen any of the Iron Man movies but I know Tony Stark is supposed to be quite a funny character and I like Robert Downey Jr a lot, so I thought he’d be a cool choice. To be frank I don’t have an awful lot to go on here so it was either be shallow and choose Captain America for the muscles, or be sensible and choose, well probably the most popular Cinematic Universal character of all… 


Cinema Parrot Disco

Iron Man

Who is my favorite Marvel character? I actually have no idea. The truth is, I’m not all that big on comics & the superhero movie thing is getting on my nerves these last few years. I’m not sure who to pick…

Well, I don’t read the comics so can’t choose one that way (I Googled the characters & some look quite cool – I wondered why some don’t have their own movies yet!). I’m probably going to have to go with someone from The Avengers films as I don’t have a lot of knowledge beyond that. Hmm. Thor is hot! But a bit boring. I’d like to go with a female character but only really know Black Widow & am sure there are cooler, unexplored female characters. 

Um. Shit. I dunno. I’ll go with Iron Man simply because I enjoyed the first Iron Man movie more than the rest of the stand alone Avengers films. And, um… I love Charlie Chaplin & Robert Downey Jr. did a decent job playing him! OH! And I’m a big Black Sabbath fan so I of course love the song Iron Man. Okay – I choose Iron Man. 😉


Summer – Serendipitous Anachronisms


My favorite character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man.


Because Spider-Man is the perfect superhero and Tobey Maguire’s performance is perfect!


While other actors bring a bit of themselves to the role, Tobey Maguire was Peter Parker. He is EXACTLY the Peter Parker we all pictured as little kids and that’s why he is my absolute favorite character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Drew – Drew’s Movie Reviews

Agent Phil Coulson


For all of Marvel’s Phase One, Phil Coulson was the glue that connected all of the movies together.  His sacrifice in The Avengers also was the catalyst for bringing the team together and finally standing as one against Loki.  Luckily, not even death could stop Coulson and he came back to lead his own team of SHIELD agents.  Now he has taken over for Nick Fury as the Director of SHIELD. Coulson is one of the best MCU characters because even though he is surrounded by all of the superheroes and you-have-to-see-to-believe happenings, he is just like us. Whenever he is around Captain America, he gets awestruck and begins fumbling over himself.  But most importantly, no matter what, he always has his team’s best interests in mind and will do anything to protect them.

J – Film & Nuance


I haven’t had a single clue who the heck Deadpool was before the movie this year which smashed box office records…so its safe to say both the marvel newbie and the seasoned comic book lover loved Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool. Foul-mouthed, maverick and uncompromising, Deadpool is unlike any superhero out there. He has no social civility nor decorum, doesn’t give a shi* whether anyone likes him or not, and isn’t afraid to put an end to baddies when needed. Somewhat of an anti-hero, Deadpool subverts the traditional idea of a superhero…making sure to stamp his name as one badass mofo. He also breaks the fourth wall to engage us which is a pretty cool thing they did even way back in the comics, adding a level of humour that is fresh and original. Oh and did I mention? He’s pretty much invicible. Badass, Smartass, Great ass! 

S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason

Captain America


The obvious choice here might be Iron Man, since his 2008 big-screen debut remade a star out of Robert Downey, Jr., and launched the entire current MCU. Though I love Tony Stark, though, I’ll have to side with Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans). While Stark and nearly every other hero from Thor to Star-Lord are reckless tough guys who are led into heroism, Steve is good for goodness’ sake. That could have made him a goody two-shoes or a cloyingly patriotic stick in the mud, but The First Avenger (one of the best Marvel films, IMO) gives him both a classic comic book origin and weapon and perhaps the most tragic backstory of the Avengers. Of all Marvel’s heroes, Cap has lost the most: his “creator” was killed, his girlfriend and all of his friends were lost when he was frozen for decades, his best friend was turned into a brain-washed living weapon, and then the one organization he thought he could trust turned against him. All this has led him to a distrust of authority, which still doesn’t detract from his honest commitment to protecting people. As much as I’m concerned about his direction in this month’s Civil War, he remains one of the most likable and understandable heroes in Marvel’s cinematic canon.

Prudence – What About Movies


What I find so compelling about Daredevil is how he managed to overcome
the limitations of a disability. Blindness is such a scary thing, and
yet borne from that is The Man Without Fear. Disabilities get to you,
only if you let it define you. And he certainly didn’t. And another
thing I love about this character is that he is sort of walking the line
between lawful justice and vigilante justice, trying to bring some sort
of balance between the two. I don’t know enough of his story just yet,
whether he can actually bring together what seems to be oil and water,
but he sure as hell will try until his last breath. And I applaud him
for that, for his sheer courage, unwavering integrity and dogged
determination in helping the little guys, those who cannot defend
themselves and gets trampled every damn time. Both as a lawyer and a
superhero, Daredevil wins in my book.

The Vern – The Vern’s Video Vortex


As a young geek growing up in the burbs.  I really connected a lot with the web crawler by reading his comics.  It wasn’t just because he was a nobody who all of a sudden got zapped with these powers.  It was because once he got them, the problems never stopped.  Oh sure he could easily disarm Doc Ock from robbing a bank or destroy Venom before he could hurt anyone.  But he could never stop the problems in his own life.  He works at a job he hates,lives in a crappy apartment and can never do the things he wants to do because he took on this responsibility.  This aspect of the character was best used in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. I’m excluding the third one but it is still way better then both Amazing Spider-Man’s


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