What is Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Really About?

What is Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Really About?star wars

This is just a fun look at the film which I did enjoy just as much as most of you.

Time for a Reboot Sequel to a franchise that fizzled out after the Prequels but now the kids will learn more about Roman Numerals though because 7 was always the difficult one.numerals

Reading to start the film because it is easier to explain how the Luke, Princess Leia and Han Solo fit in this story.reading

Stormtrooper attack and well they have been getting trained well and actually hitting their targets.stormtooper shooting

If that isn’t the cutest little droid Star Wars has ever created.bb8

Resistance fighter puts important information into droid, well this doesn’t seem familiar one little bit.message in a drid

Stormtroopers bleed, well I thought they were robots.bleed

Main villain cloaked in black arrives looking for his information with ‘family’ connections to original story and showing no remorse for anything he does.vader entrance

Oscar Isaac taking a knee talking to Adam Driver and all I want is them to start singing like in Inside Llewyn Davis.inside llewyn davis

Time to meet the Star Wars version of Wall-E who spends her time salvaging and having fun with former equipment of battles.wall e

Daisy Ridley reminds me of Keira Knightley when she first turned up in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.comparing

Rey understands Droid, I am starting to think she is related to someone we have seen in the franchise before, C-3PO.understanding driod

There is that guy Domhnall Gleeson who was in literally every single film in 2015, when I say literally I mean most or quite a few anyway moving on.domhanll

Yet more proof that a Stormtrooper Finn can shoot, now we know they have been training for the last few years.shoting training

Not the best landing there for the so called best pilot in the galaxy.landing

Tension between the bad guys and emperor Snoke.im the bet bad guy

Finn and Rey just so happen to end up in the same town where BB-8 is time for a joint effort in saving the day.gin joints

Piece of trash ship is the Millennium Falcon, well that is kind of insulting and also a reference to Firefly.firefy#

Daring escape that no one can believed they achieved.daring escape

I didn’t get my way temper tantrum from Kylo Ren.tantrum

Chewwy, We’re Home. Harrison Ford finally nails the ‘I’m Old and returning to a franchise idea’ after the terrible fourth Indiana Jones film.we are home

Han Solo can’t talk his way out of this one but space monsters to the rescue.

Han Solo is the father of Kylo Ren well TWIST.twist

Time for an ‘Old Friend’ visit, well this could be someone we have known before, nope well this was not an old friend we knew.old friend

When you need to hide out where better to go than a shady bar?shady bars

Screw goodie two shoes dad I am looking up to my successful grandfather Darth Vader. What I feel Kylo Ren really should have said.screw you guys

Rey gets her calling from something down a flight of stairs, this sounds very much like a horror film but lightsabre.voices

This explains all of the dream sequences we had to deal with in Batman v Superman but this kind of made sense.dream sequence

Riddle me this, from the only Oscar winner in this movie Lupita Nyong’o.riddlee me this

General Hux is basically the Star Wars version of Hitler.hitler

Weapon of mass destruction destroys planets with ease, something JJ practised with Star Trek his practise run for Star Wars.star trek weapon

Invasion and first showdown between good guys and bad guys, also when did Stormtroopers have grudges?good and bad guys mmet

Poe is still alive, surprise return just in time, did Han Solo do this first time around? Also doesn’t this feel like Armageddon when Ben Affleck arrives?not deadd

Kidnapping, Kylo Ren is going on a different type of villainous mission.kidnapping abduction

Carrie Fisher turns up late to the party, and C-3PO getting in the way again.better late tha never

John Boyega has come a long way since fighting off the black faced aliens in Attack the Block now he is kicking ass in space.attack the block

I love you man, we are going to be BFF forever Finn and Poe.bfff

BB-8 tries to fix R2-D2 and all I can think is the Coldplay song ‘Fix You’.Fix You

The next assault time, lets plan it.lets plan

Daisy Ridley asking where she is, well love you made it to the big leagues now.big leagues

The Force is Strong in This One.forece is strong

Kylo Ren needs better guards because having two hostages just get up and walk out is ridiculous for a main villain.guards needed

I see Poe took landing I mean crash landing lesson from Han Solo.crash landing 2

That’s not how the force works, funniest line of the movie.not how force works

Rey has been playing Uncharted and auditioning for Lara Croft with her wall climbing skills.wall climbing

The shields are down, well this doesn’t sound too much like Independence Day’s final assault o and New Hope.shield down

Chewyy to Han, Hold My Blanket.blanket

Final showdown and shit just got real when you kill HAN SOLO.han solo goodbye

That is one Pissed Off Wookie.chewbacca

Final battle sees all three newcomers going at it with Finn challenge Kylo Ren to come and get the lightsabre before running straight at him. This is great to see because we get to see the next level of talent which will be driving the story forward for years to come.final fight newcomers

R2-D2 turns on 2 Hours into the movie after meditating through the film.better late tha never

We now have new heroes, new villains but say goodbye to icons, the new era is here.new era

Well Fuck Me Luke Skywalker is in this film after all and I bet he got a good pay day for this cameo.luke skywalker

To be continued for the next decade.to be continued decade

This is far too long for my usual posts like this.





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