What is Repo! The Genetic Opera Really About?

What is Repo! The Genetic Opera Really About?repo gentic opera

This is one of my biggest guilty pleasures out there and this look at the film is purely tongue in cheek and will contain spoilers.

This film basically got remade with Jude Law and without the singing a year later.repo men

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman who bought us Saw 2, 3 and 4, you know the ones before it turns shit.saw

I actually reviewed this in 2011, wow that was years ago.

Graphic novel intro to give us back story comes off slick.grapihic nvoel

Singing intro to killer, you don’t see that in Halloween or Friday the 13th do you?entrance

Iconic figure is leaving company.leaving

Sexy guards give bad news.bad news

Alexa Vega is no long a Spy Kid but uses her skills to break out of the house at night.alexa

Grave robbing will get you Busted Shilo even if you are innocent and nobody wants this.busted

Using your head, well the dead bodies head.use your head

Genetic perfection quest.genetic perfection

Hey that is Giles from Buffy and he can sing.giles

Lost parent cliché which makes Shilo half Batman.im batman

I’m Infected and tired of following instruction = rebellious teenager.teenage girl

Tragedy told in Graphic Novel showing the hardest decisions on Nathan’s life.hard decison

Becoming the monster.monstre

Secret passages cliché.secret passage

Paris Hilton is in this movie.paris

Sibling battles.siblings

Human face for Mask.human mask

Pantie snatching.pantie snatching

Long planned revenge.revenge

An offer you cannot refuse.offer

Playing with dead bodies cliché, but he is the good guy right?dead bodies

Blood Contract cliché, stuck for life poor Mag.blood contract

Sarah Brightman is stunning in this role.brightman

How will I get home?home

Checking up, overprotective father.overprotective father

Will he live, doubtful.doubtful

Celebrity let down due to drugs.celebrity letdown

Zydrate song, little glass vile.zydrate

Drug leaves us not feeling a thing.cant feel

Travelling by trash trucks because no buses.no buses

One last job that will test Repo Man’s willingness to do anything asked of him.resist

Remember what you did and who you are.remmber

He wants out I will take him out.out

Midnight visit.midnight visit

Oooo Bondage, wait only in lyrics.bondage

You lied to me.you lied

Random punk song that tells how she is seventeen, must look away now too young, but the actress is only a year younger than me, Movies.too young

Paris Hilton’s face falls off, ok that is kind of funny and you thought Nicolas Cage Face Off Line would be here didn’t you?fac off

Gold makes the world go round.gold

Giles showing, he can fight as well as Buffy Now.buffy

Final Show down time.final countdown

At the Opera tonight.opear

Bloodbath time.bloodbath

Paris Hilton with annoying music, wait she is just playing herself right and her face fully comes off this time. ok i couldn’t resist.faceoff

Sarah Brightman follows Paris Hilton well this is feeling like a real concert now.main event

I quit Boss.bye meg

You lied this is a continuing trend.you lied 2

Let the Monster rise.the monster

The truth comes out.truth

You’re all dead to me.dead to me

I didn’t know I loved you so much, tears are coming.love you so much

Change the world for me.change the world

Free at last.fee at last

To be Continued…..continues

I do love this film so much and i want more.






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