Tabloid Vivant (2016)

tabolidDirector: Kyle Broom

Writer: Kyle Broom (Screenplay)

Starring: Jesse Woodrow, Tamzin Brown, Chris Carlisle, Ana Corbi, Amber Friendly, Lisa Valerie Morgan


Plot: A painter and an art critic who romanticize each other’s obsession with fame decide to collaborate on a project they believe will revolutionize the art world. They are determined to make a painting come to life, even if it kills them.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Truly Original Horror


Story: Tabloid Vivant starts as we meet artist Maximilien Klinkau (Woodrow) and art critic Sara Speed (Brown) heading away to work on Max’s brand new concept of art work that he wants to change the way art it produced. The artwork is a mesmerizing visual that will pull any viewing in due to its live action constant changing.

After Sara see the picture she sees only a bright future for the artist himself and herself as the first person to write about it, only words can’t describe what he has created. As the latest piece of work starts to get out of hand we see the effects it is having on the health, relationship and sanity of the Max and Sara.

Tabloid Vivant is a horror mystery thriller that really ends up pushing us to want to watch more and more to see what really is being made. We see how the work takes everything out of Max and Sara showing how much people will put into change concept of art. I will say there are moments of arts talk which can come off too complicated for the non-art fans out there. This is such an interesting storyline that draws you in from start to finish.


Actor Review


Jesse Woodrow: Maximilien Klinkau is a small time artist with only a couple of pop-up shows to his name. Max gets involved in a relationship with art critic Sara and the two go to work on his new idea. Max has come up with a new art form that will literally bring the painting to life but his obsession with making this happen starts taking a toll on his health and sanity. Jesse gives us a great performance as the artist.

Tamzin Brown: Sara Speed is the art critic that has her own interest in the Black Dahlia case, she gets involved in a relationship both professional and romantic with Max as the two start working on his latest. The longer Max works on the art the sicker she becomes as the cabin fever strikes upon the twos look at make something brand new and breath-taking. Tamzin does a great job in this role as we see the transformation she goes through.

Chris Carlisle: Rob is the man that introduces the two as well as giving Max a place to work on his latest work, he is pretty much the biggest supporting character.

Support Cast: Tabloid Vivant has a small supporting cast that only appear in a few scenes as we focus on the two characters more.

Director Review: Kyle BroomKyle gives us one of the most interesting horror mysteries in recent years, coming off original and making you have to think.


Horror: Tabloid Vivant gives us a cabin fever style of horror as we see the transformation the two characters through the film.

Mystery: Tabloid Vivant does keep us wondering just what the art work will look like once it is finished.

Settings: Tabloid Vivant keeps us in one setting for the most part using the cabin to create the transformation in the characters.
Special Effects
: Tabloid Vivant uses the effects well to show the artwork is using.

Suggestion: Tabloid Vivant is one that I would be suggestion for people to watch. (Watch)


Best Part: Transformation the characters go through.

Worst Part: There is a lot of art talk which is difficult to keep up with if you don’t understand how the art world works.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 45 Minutes


Overall: Original idea that really pushes us to a new concept in creation.






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