Top 5 Favourite Russell Crowe Roles

Russell Crowe is the New Zealander who took Hollywood by storm with 52 credits to his name as well as an Oscar win with 2 further nominations strangely all in a run of three years. He has a reputation which has made him one of the bad boys of Hollywood but the one thing that can never be questioned in his talents on the screen. Today I am picking my 5 favourite roles from his career and I have decided to leave Gladiator off because it is a film that isn’t my cuppa tea.

5. SID 6.7 – Virtosity (1995)virtual

SID is a virtual serial killer that goes on a rampage in what turns into a cat and mouse game. This is an early role which is one that has always stuck with me.

4. John Brennan – The Next Three Days (2010)3 dayas

John is the desperate man who wants to break his wife out of wrongful imprisonment and will go to length putting his own life in danger to make sure she is free.

3. Javert – Les Miserables (2012)les

Javert is the man that is tracking Jean Valjean and while first time viewing the singing comes off badly it grows on you each time you hear it.

2. Ben Wade – 3:10 to Yuma (2007)yuma

Ben is the criminal that is trying to psych out the rancher who is trying to claim his bounty in one of the best westerns of the modern era of cinema.

1.       John Nash – A Beauiful Mind (2001)mind

John Nash is one of the greatest minds of the last century and seeing how he coped with his own personal issues during his rise to success. This is the role that should have won Russell and Oscar.


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