Upcoming Release – Boulevard

BoulevardImage title

Coming to UK cinemas 8th April

Robin Williams’ last on-screen performance is also one of his finest, in this honest and remarkably poignant bittersweet drama which proves it’s never too late to be truthful to yourself, whatever the consequences.

From award-winning director Dito Montiel, this is a compelling adult drama with a beautifully understated central performance.

Key talent:

Robin Williams (Good Will Hunting)
Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul)
Kathy Baker (Saving Mr Banks)
Director Dito Montiel (A Guide To Recognising Your Saints)
Cinematographer Chung-hoon Chung (OldBoy)


Nolan (Robin Williams) is a middle-aged, married banker, whose life is the very definition of average and unfulfilled. One night driving home, he does something impulsive, and picks up a young male hustler Leo (Roberto Aguire); a relationship develops, not based on sex, but Nolan’s loneliness – Leo is ‘just someone to talk to’ he admits. As Nolan becomes more attached to Leo, he puts his married life, and his career, in jeopardy.
Oscar winner Robin Williams, in his final leading role, gives a sensitive, heartbreaking performance as a meek man finally trying to be true to himself after a lifetime of living a lie. A deeply moving and engaging film, examining the complexities of love and relationships, and the difficult choices people have to make, it’s a must for Williams’ fans to see the star in one of his most brilliantly observed serious roles.

We like it because:

Robin William’s role here stands alongside his acclaimed parts in Good Will Hunting, Dead Poet’s Society, One Hour Photo, Insomnia and World’s Greatest Dad – a brave, nuanced performance, made all the more poignant given that it is one of Williams’ last.
Boulevard also showcases a fantastic performance from Emmy-award winning Bob Oderkirk, from Breaking Bad, Fargo and Better Call Saul, as Nolan’s best friend, a wisecracking English professor who feels that neither of them have lived up to their potential; Golden Globe-winning actress Kathy Baker is outstanding as Nolan’s wife, whose powerful, regretful monologue is electrifying.
With the subject matter sensitively handled by Dito Montiel (director of the Sundance hit A Guide To Recognising Your Saints), Boulevard is compassionate, revealing and ultimately uplifting and cathartic without being saccharine, a challenging and enduring drama about living life to the full before it is too late.


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