Top 5 Favourite Jessica Chastain Roles

Jessica Chastain shares the same birthday as myself lucky lady really it is a great day, she is a two time Oscar nominated actress and today I will be picking my favourite five roles.

5. Lucille Sharpe – Crimson Peak (2015)lucille

In what is a dark horror fantasy romantic drama Lucille is a supporting character that really stays on the side-lines until the very important twist in the story. This is very different to the rest of the performance I have selected.

4. Murph – Interstellar (2014)murph

Murph is the daughter of Cooper that has a brilliant mind like him who believes he abandoned her to die on Earth while trying to find an answer. I think the Murph character doesn’t get the praise she deserves because we have to deal with everything Cooper is doing Murph’s story almost gets forgotten.

3. Melissa Lewis – The Martian (2015)melissa

Melissa is the captain on the mission to Mars who has to make the difficult decision to leave Mark behind believing he has been killed. Melissa has a terrible taste in music but more importantly gives us a strong female character having to make the big decision.

2. Maya – Zero Dark Thirty (2012)maya

Maya is trying to track down Bin Laden after the 9/11 attacks, she is based on the real person and Jessica makes this role her own.

1.       Samantha – Take Shelter (2011)shelter

Samantha is the long suffering wife of Curtis who has to deal with his theory the world is going to end. This is a strange pick for number one but this is one of my favourite films.

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