What is ‘I Still Know What You Did Last Summer’ Really About?

What is ‘I Still Know What You Did Last Summer’ Really About?still know

This is the returning feature that is designed as a bit of fun at the films expense.

First off How long do you want the title to really be, I have read books with less words, granted they were picture books.title

Jennifer Love Hewitt in a church confessing killing the man in the first film after he starts haunting her dreams cliché. When it is actually a dream.dream

Sleeping in classroom nightmare, hey that is Freddy’s trick.sleeping

Male character always believes that a girl dreams about showering.thinking shower

Freddie Prinze Jr returns to the film after his Wife was killed off last time and is too busy kicking vampire ass in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.buffy

Why not just celebrate the fact you killed a man and that man then came and killed you friends than to going clubbing with your new BFF.celebrate

Racist dance jokes, white girl can’t dance.dancing

Uncomfortable match making skills.matchmaking

Radio contest the girls never entered to name capital of Brazil that they got wrong doesn’t give away the clues.wrong answer 1

Hey that is Oscar nominated actors John Hawkes in a supporting role, they all start somewhere I guess.starting 1

Surprise the love of the life cliché.urprise

Terrible radio singing from John Hawkes while on Road Trip with Ray.bad sining

Dead Body in road, Ray parks miles away to investigate.bad parking


Ray is late maybe dead early on in the film, I bet we won’t see him again.

A film with at least two musicians in doesn’t have them to sing songs.music actors

Scared of flying moment.flying

Titanic reference.titanic

Boat sickness throwback joke.sea sick

Jack Black plays a stoner, second time I have said this, they all start somewhere.start somwher 2

Ringing the bell that an annoying ****.bell

Cult Horror Icon Jeffrey Combs is in this, well he must be a suspect or have an amazing death.comcs

Honeymoon suits in the off season.

Karaoke from the non singer.karoake


Ray escapes the hospital.escaping

Killer is on the island killing innocent employees.innocnet

Alien references about not being able to hear someone scream.alien

Tyrell is getting cock blocked every moment he gets with Karla.cock blocked

Leading lady shower scene, because teasing the audience is enough.shower 2

Stalking killer cliché.stalker

Perfect timing on body dropping out of nowhere scene.cliches

Trapped on the island because of a storm, well this won’t last much longer then.trapped

Weird voodoo guy on an island cliché.voodoo

Killer continues to kill innocent people on the island rather than going after his actual target.

It is a good job the killer is wearing a rain coat during the storm keeping him nice a dry as well as cleaning off the blood.rain coat

Bodies keep popping up everywhere.

Wait Jeffrey Combs gets killed off camera, really how did you get this wrong.combs 2

Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bikini love heitt

You got the answer Wrong, you were set up.wrong answer 2

I have seen no killer before death cliché.not seen a thing

Twist killer, that is terrible play on words.twist

Just in Time cliché.time

Pointless extra jump scare.jump scare

They won’t make another one for sure, well shit.always





9 comments on “What is ‘I Still Know What You Did Last Summer’ Really About?

  1. Good review of a movie I never want to see again. Yes even Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bikini wont get me to see it again. Loved the part about the killer in the raincoat and I bet Sarah Mihelle Gallar was glad she was killed off in the first one so she could make more Buffy episodes

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