Night of the Living Dead (1990)

nightDirector: Tom Savini

Writer: George A Romero (Screenplay) John A Russo, George A Romero (Original Screenplay)

Starring: Tony Todd, Patricia Tallman, Tom Towles, McKee Anderson, William Butler, Katie Finneran, Bill Moseley, Heather Mazur


Plot: The unburied dead return to life and seek human victims.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Good Remake


Story: Night of the Living Dead starts when brother Johnnie (Moseley) and sister Barbara (Tallman) are visiting their mother’s grave when the get attacked by a zombie killing Johnnie and leaving Barbara running for her life. Running for her life Barbara finds herself in a house where mysterious stranger Ben (Todd) arrives to save her from the dead.

Cleaning up the house the two discover other survivors in the basement the Cooper’s Harry (Towles), Helen (Anderson) and Sarah (Mazur) along with Tom (Butler) and Judy Rose (Finneran).  The group split into two as they both have different beliefs in how to survive the impending situation but the question remains can they survive the night against the living dead?

Night of the Living Dead is a remake of the classic, it does follow the very similar story until the end because we don’t need to see that ending again because it just won’t be as shocking. We have the survival from the undead which all works to bring us to the edge of our seats. There isn’t really anything bad apart from the fact it is pretty much the same story as the original, the story never really tries to be brave enough to be its own film.


Actor Review


Tony Todd: Ben is the stranger that finds and helps Barbara, he knows how dangerous the situation is and doesn’t freeze under pressure. He makes sure the house is boarded up and takes control of the situation clashing with Harry Cooper over his methods. Tony is great in this leading role dominating the screen every time he appears.

Patricia Tallman: Barbara is visiting her mother’s grave when along with her brother she gets attacked but the undead, she escapes finding shelter in a nearby house where she meets Ben. Along with Ben she has to work with the fellow survivors to fight off the undead. Patricia is good in this role showing her ability to play the leading lady for a famous stunt woman.

Tom Towles: Harry is the husband and father trying to protect his family from the outbreak, he clashes with Ben becoming very selfish in how he makes sure his family are safe. He comes off as the asshole of the situation which makes us cheer for Ben even more. Tom is good here making us not like his character through the situation.

McKee Anderson: Helen is the wife of Harry, she lets him control her early on but as the situation starts getting more dangerous she starts to stand up for herself and the protection of her child. McKee is solid in this role and of course is involved in the more iconic scene of the film.

Support Cast: Night of the Living Dead has a supporting cast that only includes a couple more survivors with most of the actors being the zombies involved in trying to kill our living characters.

Director Review: Tom SaviniTom shows he knows how to make a good remake but doesn’t challenge us enough with a fresh take on it all.


Horror: Night of the Living Dead gives us a good horror element which includes the undead coming for the living.

Thriller: Night of the Living Dead keeps us guessing to what will happen but if does follow too many paths the original does.

Settings: Night of the Living Dead does what all good horror films does and creates isolation for our characters giving them nowhere to run from what is after them.
Special Effects
: Night of the Living Dead has good effects to create the undead throughout.

Suggestion: Night of the Living Dead is one for all the zombie fans to enjoy. (Zombie Fans Watch)


Best Part: Tony Todd Shines.

Worst Part: Too similar to original

Favourite Quote: Johnnie ‘They’re coming to get you, Barbara!’


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No

Similar Too: The Original


Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $5.8 Million

Budget: $4.2 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

Tagline:  There IS a fate worse than death.


Overall: Worthy remake to an all-time classic bring it into the modern era of cinema



Fantasy Film Casting 6 – The Last of Us

Let’s Recast a Film

You know how us film fans always want to recast a film, well today we play the role of producer and this script has turned up on our desk. The next job is to cast the film as if it the year is 2016, the rules are as simple you can’t use anyone who is in the original film however good or bad you think the film is. So without further ado let’s cast this movie.

I am doing a slight twist this week where I am casting my favourite video game.

Film: The Last of Uslast

New Cast: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Raffey Cassidy, Scott Caan, Stana Katic and Michael C Hall

Why I have picked this star:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan – Joel joel Joel is our leading man who must look rough around the edges, tired of the world he lives in after what happens in the opening sequences and also in his later 40’s. he has recently been cast as the iconic Negan in the Walking Dead which will give him one of the most hated men in television. His look is perfect for Joel so that is why I am picking him for this role.

Raffey Cassidy – Ellie ellie Ellie is one of the hardest characters to pick for because she looks so much like Ellen Page who is clearly way too old for the role. I have picked Raffey because she was the highlight of Tomorrowland with a positive, tough attitude. I know many people would jump at Chloe Grace Mortez for the role but a younger star could well be the answer.

Scott Caan – Tommy tommy Tommy is the younger brother to Joel who has built up his own settlement for survivors. After the opening sequence we only meet him again part the way through the film and he helps guide Joel on the next chapter of the journey. Scott is a strong supporting actor and the role of Tommy is important to where we go on the adventure.

Stana Katic – Tess tess Tess is the long-time partner of Joel as the pair watch each other’s backs through the zombie infested world, she is tough as they come and won’t let anyone get in the way. Tess is crucial to the opening parts of the adventure as we watch how she gives her life to make the mission happen. Stana has done wonders as the tough cop in the television show Castle this role will take that character to a new desperate level.

Michael C Hall – David david David is the biggest human threat the couple meet on their adventure, with Joel injured it is up to Ellie to go up against this twisted cannibal and his men. David does come off friendly though which is why I have chosen Michael because his role as Dexter lets us see both sides of his character.

How will this change the film: To me this is the best chance of a great video game movie, I have called for it to become a television show or one of mini-series but this cast I feel will give us the great movie that we need from a video game world.

Will you be going to see this new version of the film?
Who would you rather see in this film?