Top 5 Favourite Jessica Biel Roles

Jessica Biel is one of the beauty’s in Hollywood today but it would be fair to say her films haven’t got the attention some of them deserve. She has been through most genres of film which does so her versatile ability, I am going to select my favourite five roles from her relatively small filmography.

5. Julia Denning – The Tall Man (2012)tall

Julia is a widowed mother whose child becomes the latest victim of the Tall Man legend but the town turns on her. This is a film with a killer twist you won’t see coming.

4. Abigail Whistler – Blade Trinity (2004)blade

Abigail is the daughter of Whistler who has been fighting the vampires, she has her own style and team behind her that have to team up with Blade to face the Drake. This should her ability to come into the fighting genre movies even if the overall film isn’t the most popular.

3. Neera – Planet 51 (2009)planet

Neera is one of the aliens helping astronaut return back to Earth. She voices the love interest of the leading character in what is a fun kids with adult jokes for the parents.

2. Sophie – The Illusionist (2006)illusinst

Sophie is the love interest between the Illusionist and the King of the land, she pushes both men to show their power whether it be through magic or positional power.

1.       Erin – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)texas

Erin is leading character in the remake of the iconic film, this is a good remake that brings the terror into the modern era of horror. This also showed that we could have had a new scream queen in the making.


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