Franchise Week – Critters 4 (1992)

crittersDirector: Rupert Harvey

Writer: Joseph Lyle, David J Schow (Screenplay) Rupert Harvey, Barry Opper (Story)

Starring: Don Keith Opper, Terrence Mann, Paul Whitthorne, Anders Hove, Angela Bassett, Brad Dourif, Eric DaRe


Plot: After being cryogenically frozen and waking up on a space station in the near future, the Critters aim to have the unwitting crew for lunch.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Running Out of Ideas, Head to Space


Story: Critters 4 starts with Charlie (Opper) searching for any remaining Critters this time in Kannes, only to find himself charged with Zoology preservation act prohibiting the extinction of any species in the galaxy. Ever the clumsy character Charlie finds himself trapped and frozen in the pod carrying the finally Critters where he awakens in the future 2045 on-board a space craft.

The crew includes Ethan (Whitthorne), Rick (Hove), Fran (Bassett) Al Bert (Dourif) and Bernie (DaRe) who are salvagers who travel around to find any lost space equipment when they find themselves trying to unlock the pod with Charlie and the Critters in. one the pod is open the Critters start running amuck on board the ship which leads to them having to fight to survive with nowhere to run.

Critters 4 was the last in the franchise because well, it ended up in space, the Critters are endangered so they need to be protected which works for me. It does continue the feel of the franchise with new characters and Charlie returning to his fun self. This has the feel of the end of a franchise which is all needed without being special.


Actor Review


Don Keith Opper: Charlie is our bumbling hero that has continued to fight the Critters only to find himself stuck in a preservation pod with the remaining ones. He ends up going into the future where he must fight the Critters on a spaceship. Don gives the performances you would expect to see.

Paul Whitthorne: Ethan is the young engineer on-board that listens to Charlie’s story, he is the lowest ranked person on the ship, he has to team up with Charlie to stop the Critters causing problems in space. Paul doesn’t give the best performance here being good and bad throughout.

Angela Bassett: Fran is one of the crew members in the ship, she seems to be the highest ranked behind the captain but on member that actually gets the respect from her crew mates. She is one tough woman that will fight until the very end. Angela shows she was going to be a big star in the future.

Brad Dourif: Al Bert is the ships engineer who is teaching Ethan while on the travel through space, he uses his brains to outsmart the computers and the Critters. Brad gives us a performance we would expect from one of the names of horror.

Support Cast: Critters 4 has a small supporting cast that doesn’t get too much time to do anything.

Director Review: Rupert HarveyRupert gives us a solid ending to the franchise.


Comedy: Critters 4 doesn’t have too many laughs with Charlie being the for comedy.

Horror: Critters 4 doesn’t have too much horror but does use the setting well.

Sci-Fi: Critters 4 uses the space setting making this the most sci-fi in the franchise.

Settings: Critters 4 keeps the action in space which works for the franchise taking the Critters back to where they started space.
Special Effects
: Critters 4 has the effects you have got to know through the series.

Suggestion: Critters 4 is one to watch to finish of the franchise. (Finish the Franchise)


Best Part: Space setting.

Worst Part: Taking the action into space and jumping forward in time.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No

Similar Too: Gremlins


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

Tagline: In space, they love to hear you scream!


Overall: Solid conclusion to end the franchise



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