Fantasy Film Casting Episode 2 – Armageddon

Fantasy Film Casting Episode 2 – Armageddon

Today I am joined by Jay Cluitt from Life Vs FilmLambcast hostFrench Toast Sunday, Blueprint ReviewTo The Escape Hatch, Twitter: @lifevsfilm & @lambcast

As we discuss recasting Armageddon, if you want to see us recast a movie send us a message on Twitter @newguyreview101



10 comments on “Fantasy Film Casting Episode 2 – Armageddon

  1. Just in reference to your other polls, I’d have Bridge on the River Kwai (taking Lawrence out) and vote for English Patient as worst. I enjoyed Kramer v Kramer and The King’s Speech but both should would have been nowhere near in more competitive years.

  2. I’m going to go and vote and then come back down and comment but I just wanted to say a very sincere ‘well done!’ Darren for securing your podcast and doing such a great job 🙂 hope you’re proud of yourself!!! You should be 🙂 well done!!

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