Opinion Battles Round 3 – Favourite Ryan Reynolds Role

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Favourite Ryan Reynolds Role

Deadpool has hits the cinema this week and it is now time to look at the leading actor Ryan Reynolds, he has been in some of the biggest box office bombs most critically slammed films but has also been in a large number low budget films. Deadpool has had everyone talking about it finally being his time for big box office film and only time will tell on that. We have just under 60 performances to pick from so what will be the winner?

If you would like to join in next round of Opinion Battles we are going to be picking our Least Favourite Oscar Winner Best Picture. Email your choice to moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk by 21st February 2016.

Movie Reviews 101

Jerry and Voices of Mr Whiskers and Bosco – The Voicesvoices

Jerry is one of my favourite characters in comedy of recent years, he has his own mental disorders and communicates with his pets. When he talks to his pets we have the dark side of the car Mr Whiskers but the dippy Bosco the dogs tries to motivating him to be good. This performance shows three different levels of comedy which not many actors get the chance to do well in films. I could have easily picked one of his smaller films but I found this character a mix of Dexter in a comedy role which fills all the dark comedy love I enjoy watching.

Kim – Tranquil Dreams

Paul Conroy – Buried


An actor can show its actual abilities when its acting almost primarily off of their own character. I’m a sucker for these single location and one man shows and one of the most thrilling movie experiences for that goes to Ryan Reynolds character of Paul Conroy in Buried.  He was able to make me feel how desperate he was, how clueless he was to why he was there and eventually the urgency of getting out and even the possible hope of it. He took me on that roller coaster ride of emotions with him as he was stuck buried underground in that little space. 


Summer – Serendipitous Anachronisms

Wade Wilson – X-Men Origins: Wolverine

 wade williams

Ryan Reynolds was great as “Wade Wilson” in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. We won’t discuss the creepy Zombie-Moby in a Marilyn Manson Video mess at the end. And why did he have retractable katanas? Don’t get me started. That isn’t Reynolds’ fault. And despite X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s screenwriters sealing off the character’s best feature, his smart-mouth, I root for him. I am glad he is playing Wade Wilson again in Deadpool, and I am looking forward to seeing the film.


Cinema Parrot Disco

Deadpool (Trailer)


Who is my favorite Ryan Reynolds character? Well, I can’t say I’ve ever been a huge fan so I had to look him up to see a list of everything he’s been in. Wow – he’s been in a load of shit! And I’ve seen very few of his movies. 

Stuff like Van Wilder just really isn’t my thing. Then he did a lot of bland mediocre stuff like Blade: Trinity & The Amityville Horror remake. What do I remember of those two movies? His chest. Yes – he looks damn good with his shirt off. So, therefore, I almost chose one of those two sexy shirtless characters because the options for “good Ryan Reynolds characters” are pretty damn limited. 

Screw it – you know what? Deadpool is my favorite Ryan Reynolds character. I already know that and I’m basing that on the 2016 movie, not the way he played the character in the thoroughly forgettable X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The trailers alone for the new film are better than any movie he’s been in so far. Deadpool seems to have a cool personality and an awesome sense of humor (unlike the “humor” in shit like Van Wilder). (The new) Deadpool is already a far more memorable character than anyone else Ryan Reynolds has played so that’s my final answer. It’s still the same character he’s done once already, after all, so it should be allowed. My answer for “Favorite Ryan Reynolds Character” is Wade Winston Wilson aka DEADPOOL. 🙂


Rob – Movie Rob

Paul Conroy – Buriedburied

This is actually quite an easy choice for me despite liking him in numerous films that he has been in.


He was great in The Green Lantern (despite it being panned).


Loved him in Definitely, Maybe.


But his best role is by far in Buried (2010).


How many actors can manage to hold a movie together where they are the ONLY actor shown on screen for the entire running time?


He does it here and we feel everything he feels because of the fact that he (and we) is (are) trapped in a pine box buried far beneath the Earth.


Such an amazing thriller that is enhanced by the excellent performance by Reynolds


Emma – Emma Explains It All

George Lutz – The Amityville Horror


Though I don’t deny this is a shallow choice, I wholly stand by my decision. I still remember the first time I saw this movie and I thought Reynolds was pretty much the best thing I’d ever seen. Me and my dad also got the giggles at just how ridiculously brazen the whole thing was. Cutting up wood with no shirt on?! Come on. I know I’m not alone and honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever even talked about this film without someone bringing up his torso. It’s one of the most memorable things and if Ursula Andress coming out of the sea in a bikini can be an iconic moment (not to mention a million other movies where women are sex objects) – why can’t we have George Lutz running around topless wearing very low PJ bottoms? 


Dan – Slip/Through

Paul Conroy – Buried (2010)


First of all, I haven’t seen DEADPOOL yet. With that out of the way, if the Merc With A Mouth gets nominated don’t forget his cinematic debut in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. You know… the movie where they sewed his mouth shut and had him shoot lasers out of his eyes(?!). 


Now, with that preemptive strike out of the way, I’m saying VAN WILDER— Okay, okay, jokes. I have to pick Ryan Reynolds’ bold performance in the claustrophobic thriller, BURIED. His character, Paul, awakens in a coffin. Fighting off panic, he gathers his wits and sets about solving a mystery of who put him in there and why – and how he will get out. (I have to be very careful discussing this story to avoid spoilers.) This underrated pulse-pounding hidden gem is the best Hitchcock movie Hitchcock didn’t make. 


The director relies on Reynolds’ performance to help create a character we can root for. This is essential since he is the only on-screen character in the entire movie. Reynolds’ captivating performance draws us in, working alongside the stylish direction to ensure the audience is never once bored. 


Our Canadian charmer has developed a career from playing sarcastic goofballs. With BURIED he had to convince us to forget VAN WILDER and TWO GUYS, A GIRL & A PIZZA PLACE (you didn’t forget that did you?). I was utterly convinced of Reynolds’ portrayal of Paul (who has a mysterious occupation which informs the plot – like I said, spoiler free – avoid using IMDB for this one). He held my attention like he holds every frame of the entire movie. Don’t let this underrated cult classic slip through the cracks. 


Damien Riley – Riley Central

Hal Jordan – The Green Lantern


Ryan Reynolds plays the “Everyman” character better than just about any actor. He’s most relatable when bumbling and that’s why I picked the “Green Lantern” character. I had seen him in a few roles prior but I had to still be looking up his name. In this comic to movie instant classic, he put himself on the map, in my mind anyway. 


Another reason this is my favorite role of his is because it also shows a serious, determined side. Another movie we see this side in is “Self/Less.” Both movies demonstrate how he can play the Everyman type and still hold up a tough persona required in these two action/thrillers I have mentioned.


Drew – Drew’s Movie Reviews

Wade Wilson – X-Men Origins: Wolverine

 wade williams

As disappointing as X-Men Origins: Wolverine was, I can’t help but remember how excited I was to see Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, the Merc with a Mouth.  I’m not going to go into how Deadpool was handled towards the end of the film, that’s a whole other can of worms I don’t want to get into here.  Anyway, in those early minutes of the film, Reynolds was the perfect Wilson. He was quipy, a smart ass, never stopped talking and was always cracking jokes. Reynolds brought the character to life in all his annoying glory.  I think that is one of the reasons I was disappointed with the film as a whole, because they made a perfect choice in casting and writing the character but then failed miserably with him.  But now that we are getting a proper Deadpool film, I am really excited to see Reynolds return as the Regenerating Degenerate.


S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason

Randy Schoenberg in Woman in Gold (2015)


While Helen Mirren as Maria Altman steals the show for much of 2015’s Woman in Gold, Ryan Reynolds as Randy Schoenberg turns in one of his best performances as well. As a less-than-successful lawyer taking on an unprecedented art restitution case against an Austrian museum, his confidence grows over time. At first, he’s in it for the money, but soon he sees how much the painting means to Maria and connects with his own roots along the way. His reactions to the opera written by his grandfather and to the result of the case should have been enough to earn him some award nominations, but alas, it was not to be. With snarky roles likeDeadpool in his future (and past), Woman in Gold is a reminder of just how good a dramatic actor Reynolds can be.


Prudence – What About Movies

Andrew Paxton in The Proposalprosal

Ryan Reynolds as Andrew Paxton in The Proposal is quite the adorable beta male. He’s sensitive and kind-hearted, but he’s no doormat. He can hold his own against Margaret Tate aka The Witch played by the charming Sandra Bullock. And I guess it helps too that he’s loaded. He’s basically the prince of Sitka Alaska. And well, how could you go wrong with those abs? What more can you ask for?

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    Check out rd 3 of this years opinion battles – this week, the fight is over who is the best Ryan Reynolds character. Tnx as always to Darren for organizing this!

  2. This was another fun Opinion Battle. I was debating on selecting Reynolds from the dark Canadian thriller, The Captive. This hidden gem is about the disappearance/kidnapping of his daughter. Psst. Check it out. Also, not surprised abput Deadpool picks, but thought more women would have picked Amityville 😉

  3. Nice choices, everyone! But I think options were limited – it’s gotta be Deadpool all around once the movie comes out. 😉 Nice pick, Emma! That was my second choice. Reynolds should really just never wear a shirt. 🙂

  4. I can tell Deadpool’s not for me, but Buried would have been my second choice. I still have a major gripe with it, but it definitely showcases Reynolds’ ability to carry a whole film. I just enjoyed Woman in Gold more. 🙂

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    Head on over and drop a vote on the choices and see who you agree with the most! 🙂

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