Fantasy Film Casting 2 – Silence of the Lambs

Let’s Recast a Film

You know how us film fans always want to recast a film, well this is my latest project where I pick stars and replace them for a new film. Some of these are going to be serious choice while others will just be for comical reason. If you have a film you want me to recast leave us a comment below and I will come up with my own spin on the film.

For this film I am going to treat it as if it was getting a full remake and recast 3 characters with up to date characters, mainly because it is one film that had near perfect casting first time around and changing anyone would just be wrong. I will also point out I do NOT ever want this remade this is all just for fun.

Film: The Silence of the Lambssilence

New Stars: Idris Elba, Emily Blunt and Elijah Woodnew cast

Replacing: Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster and Ted Levineoriginal

What they will offer:

Idris Elbaelba

·         Can play smarter than everyone character.

·         Charismatic, if slightly rough around the edges.

·         Strong screen presences.

·         Well spoken.

Emily Bluntblunt

·         Strong Female character seen in Sicario, Edge of Tomorrow and Looper.

·         Has the ability to pick up an accent.  

Elijah Woodfrank

·         Has the everyday person look needed.

·         Can also have a dark side.

·         Is willing to take risky roles.

Why I have picked these stars: I have pick these actors and will go through each one at a time.

Idris Elba – Hannibal Lector. I believe Idris holds all the skills to play the well-spoken doctor, he comes off full of the charisma needed to play Hannibal. I do think his slow talking style could work on the same level as Hopkins but in his own style. He can dominate the screen when need because remember Hannibal isn’t actually in the film as much as the rest of the cast.

Emily Blunt – the role of Clarice has already been recast in the past with Julianne Moore taking over the role and I have gone with an actress who much like Foster and Moore has a similar look. Blunt has proven herself in leading strong female roles in recent years with Sicario, Edge of Tomorrow and Looper giving us full faith she can go face to face with Elba for the famous interaction.

Elijah Wood – Buffalo Bill is one of the most underrated villains of film history because most people forget that he is actually the person they are after in Silence of the Lambs. He is dangerous because he is an everyday man that has the socially awkward tendency. Elijah has given us this performance in Maniac and Open Windows making him a perfect choice for this role. You can see him pulling off the dance routine and while Ted Levine was a big physical presence this character doesn’t need to be.

Why I haven’t picked other cast members: I have pick only these three to look at because they are the most important characters in the film and it will be easy to cast the rest if we were to remake this.

How will this change the film: I would like to be know that I am taking a slight new twist on the story, I can’t see a straight copy remake happening so I am going to try and make this slightly darker. I see the Buffalo Bill character being having a smarter technology knowledge but also just as dark if not darker in this role. Hannibal will become rougher around the edges but still just as smart, he will also come off friendlier before attacking his victims. Clarice will be very similar as first time out, I would to think Emily would make her stronger not showing any weakness but I see her playing into Hannibal’s games.

Finally, just a disclaimer, I will repeat once more that I don’t want this film remade this is just for fun.

Will you be going to see this new version of the film?
Who would you rather see in this film?


16 comments on “Fantasy Film Casting 2 – Silence of the Lambs

  1. I admire your ability to recast films. I’m not good at that AT ALL. I would have never have been able to visualize and choose other actors, particularly for a film that I think is already brilliant, but somehow you managed it!

    I can imagine these people in those roles. I never thought you’d be able to recast Anthony Hopkins, but I can see all of these actors in the roles you’ve chosen!

    This is a really fun post, looking forward to more!

    • Thanks, Hopikns is amazing in his role but seeing other Hannibal in Brian cox in man hunter the original and mads in the show I feel rough around the edges works now. I love this film and would never want to see it done again

  2. Really cool article concept. I want to see Pulp Fiction recast by you. That’d be cool like Fonzi 😉 I like your recasting of Lambs. I thought Sicario was Blunt’s Clarice Starling already. Hehe. I wanna play too… so I’m thinking Alicia Vikander for Clarice, Michael Shannon for Buffalo Bill, and Fassbender as Hannibal.

    • Thanks, Pulp Fiction might take a while i have only seen it once back in 2000ish, I do like your choices to though i would be tempted to swap the Michael’s i think Fassbender has more to play with a Bill making the character more charming and dangerous while Shannon can be the Chianti loving killer. Next week i will be having The Usual Suspects coming up and maybe an extra surprise with that one.

      • Good idea with the swap there… interesting. As for next week, sounds awesome. I love that movie. That’s an ensemble full of great roles. I’m looking forward to your Casting Session!

      • Oh yeah… stop by new digs sometimes… I don’t know if I mentioned that before.. But I switched addresses, – Looking forward to what you think of the new digs buddy.

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