OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie (2016)

omgDirector: Ajala Bandele

Writer: Ajala Bandele, Tom Hatfield (Screenplay)

Starring: Brendan McGowan, Sharon Mae, Shanna Malcolm, Nils Jansson, Chris Hampton, Ajala Bandele


Plot: Six friends having a weekly board game night are interrupted by a booming movie trailer voice from the sky. Inexplicably, they find themselves trapped in a Horror Movie. Who amongst them will turn into a homicidal killer? Who will be the sole survivor? And who will be the first to die in the shower? Struggling to break free from the stereotypes that would see them dead, each of the friends try to stay alive in whatever hopelessly desperate ways they can.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Satirical Horror Comedy


Story: OMG, We’re in a Horror Movie starts with six friends Tom (McGowan), Tanya (Malcolm), Jesse (Mae), Kyle (Jansson), Chris (Hampton) and AJ (Bandele) having a bored game night before Tom’s ex Amy (Fenning) joins in as a desperate attempt to win Tom back. Kyle believes that seven people means bad luck as the seven friends find themselves inside a movie.

As the friends try to figure out what type of horror movie they are in we watch the characters go through all the popular films as the black characters AJ, Chris and Tanya try to figure out which type of horror movie the black character doesn’t get killed in, to try and bend the reality into something they will survive in. the film circles around the idea of each character trying to figure out the best way to survive a horror movie for their own different generic type in horror movies.

OMG…. We’re in a Horror Movie has to be given praise for all the horror references that get satirised with how the character’s deal with all of the stereotyping we do see in horror. The best way to describe this is how Scream took the horror genre and managed to keep horror elements but took away the serious side by explaining the rules, but this takes things to the next level on the explaining how to survive. My only dislike about this film is that it references too many spoilers in the horror films it discusses.


Actor Review


Sharon Mae: Jesse is the typical vegan lesbian Asian in the horror, she can’t figure out her place in a horror movie because the group aren’t sure there has ever been a character like her before. She has to work with Tom to survive in what turns out to be a fun filled adventure. Sharon is good in this role where she gets to poke fun at the idea that we don’t see enough Asia leads in American made horror movies.

Brendan McGowan: Tom gets to be the leading man in this film within the film, he has to deal with his ex as he tries to find his own way to survive the horror. He uses his charm and confidence that he will make it out to work with Jesse to find a way to survive. Brendan gets to play the leading male well which gets to poke fun at how arrogant but weak the characters are in horror.

Ajala Bandele: AJ sides himself with Chris as the two black leads who try their hardest to get away from the white guys before they find themselves killed in a horror film. He comes off slightly stranger than Chris with his ideas on how to survive which includes reading Twilight scripts. Ajala is good in this role make for good comic relief throughout.

Shanna Malcolm: Tanya is one of the friends who decides to go off on her own to survive because she is the close friend which should make her an easy victim in a horror film. Shanna is good but only in a smaller supporting role.

Chris Hampton: Chris is one of the black friends who spends the whole time working alongside AJ to figure out a way that both the black character could survive a horror movie unlike any other characters in horror. They work on the idea of Shakespeare while avoiding his much wanted drugs. Chris is the character that made me laugh the most through the film.

Support Cast: OMG…. We’re in a Horror Movie only really has two more supporting cast which both perform well with what their characters are needed to do.

Director Review: Ajala BandeleAjala not only starring in this film, he is behind the camera doing the film justice with a great horror comedy tone throughout the film.


Comedy: OMG…. We’re in a Horror Movie is filled with comical moments that look at the mistakes horrors make.

Horror: OMG…. We’re in a Horror Movie doesn’t have the scariest moments as it spends more time looking at the comedy side of horror films.

Settings: OMG…. We’re in a Horror Movie uses the basic horror settings with the final act taking part in a cabin which works.
Special Effects
: OMG…. We’re in a Horror Movie has the effects needed for horror without being too over the top.

Suggestion: OMG…. We’re in a Horror Movie is one for the horror comedy fans to enjoy once it all gets going you will just want more. (Horror Comedy Fans Watch)


Best Part: Final act.

Worst Part: Spoilers too many movies.

Funniest Scene: Chris and AJ in the cabin.

Favourite Quote: Tom ‘No is just yes backwards’


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: Few bloopers.


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes


Overall: Fun horror comedy that is filled with inside jokes on horror than any film I have seen



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