Sarah Polley Weekend – Splice (2009)

splicDirector: Vincenzo Natali

Writer: Vincenzo Natali, Antoinette Terry Bryant, Doug Taylor (Screenplay) Vincenzo Natali, Antoinette Terry Bryant (Story)

Starring: Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley, Delphin Chaneac, Brandon McGibbon, Simona Maicaneascu, David Hewlett, Abigail Chu


Plot: Genetic engineers Clive Nicoli and Elsa Kast hope to achieve fame by successfully splicing together the DNA of different animals to create new hybrid animals for medical use.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Interesting Morale Questions


Story: Splice starts as we meet genetic scientists Clive (Brody) and Elsa (Polley) as they are trying to splice DNA from different species as they look for cures to the illnesses. When their work gets shut down for a backwards step they decide to continue on their research in private. When the creation is born the pair have to face the morale question of what to do next with the first of its species that would an unknown threat for the humans.

The pair keep the creature known a DREN to witness its lifespan studying how different elements are stronger than others, but with this new creation comes a new threat once Dren (Chaneac) reaches a form close to human but with all the evolutionary traits of the species she is spliced from.

Splice gives us the morale question about what is too far for science when it comes to genetic engineering. We do get echoes of the Frankenstein story but we don’t have the creator giving up on their creation. We do get to see change on both sides of the fence as Clive starts by not wanting to keep the creation but then wanting to keep her and Elsa wanting to keep before changing her mind. I do know the story is all about challenge the scientific idea behind the story and creation.


Actor Review


Adrien Brody: Clive is the brilliant geneticist who is working on creating a species that could help with the worlds illnesses, when his work is halted he continues the work with his partner and creates Dren a species the world has never seen before. At first he wants to get rid of the creation but once he seen how remarkable she is he wants to keep her and study her. Adrien gives a good performance in this role which includes being part of one awkward sex scenes.clive

Sarah Polley: Elsa is the partner of Clive both in work and love, she pushes Clive into taking their research rogue and by making a new creation. She treats Dren like a daughter giving her the motherhood see isn’t ready for, but when Dren starts thinking for herself she becomes to controlling. Sarah does well in this role as we get to see the complete change in her character from start to finish.elsa

Delphine Chaneac: Dren is the creature created filled with specimens of many different species, she is a slow learner at first but soon picks up things at a remarkable pace. She wants to fit in but knows she can’t as her evolution becomes a threat to all mankind. Delphine gives the best performance of the film in which she comes off believable in such a difficult position.dren

Brandon McGibbon: Gavin is the brother of Clive who also works in the genetics lab, he learns about the experiment where he warns them of the consequences but pushes them out of the lab. Brandon gives a solid supporting performance but doesn’t get much screen time.


Support Cast: Splice really only has a couple more cast member who is their boss and boss’s boss. They show that science is really about money.

Director Review: Vincenzo NataliVincenzo gives us a film that gives plenty of questions about what is right or wrong through science which is always a good thing.


Horror: Splice gives us a horror element from the creature being unpredictable but the best horror scenes don’t happen until the final act.

Sci-Fi: Splice gives us plenty of science fiction when it comes to looking into the idea being created by the scientist.

Settings: Splice uses the science lab and the abandoned farm as the two location we see, very little else is used which works for the film.
Special Effects
: Splice has great effects showing the creature effects not just with Dren but the previous creations.

Suggestion: Splice is one to try, I do think people might get put off by the lack of horror early in the film. (Try It)


Best Part: Dren is a brilliant created character for this film.

Worst Part: We needed a little extra horror in the first half of the film.


Believability: You never know what the scientists are doing.

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Budget: $26 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 44 Minutes

Tagline: She Is Not Supposed To Exist

Trivia: The highest grossing English-language Canadian film of 2010.


Overall: A interesting science based film that leaves you wondering where you would stand upon these creations.


2015 Awards – Best Horror

Through the month of January I will be looking back on 2015, I will be looking at a range of subjects where I will be picking my best or worst in separate posts.

Today I will be look at Best Horror.

We have had some great horror films this year with most coming from no where while the box office films have disappointed.

Mentions that could have been number one;

·         Spring spring This films manages to mix up genres of horror and romance in a different way then recent films. The horror will leave you shocked because you simply just don’t know what to expect when it happens.

·         Starry Eyes logo This film shows how far an aspiring actress would go to get a chance at stardom, this film will leave you shocked by the end and really is something very special.

·         Digging Up the Marrow logo This mockmentary style film really hits home, because it shows that all of the found footage films that are meant to be serious can also have a fun side which this film offers.

·         Exists logoThis found footage film may well look too high quality of footage but I like how this film got straight into the action unlike many of the films now a days.

·         Green Inferno green inferno Bring life back into the cannibal film with the Eli Roth touch.

·         Clinger logo 2 A horror comedy that is the best of its type this year and one that will become a big hit over time.

My favourite

·         It Follows follows I think this film could well be the most perfect horror film in recent years, because it makes every single scene filled with suspense just like the leading character would be going through.