Wishing for a Dream (2016)

wishingDirector: Jared Cohn

Writer: Jared Cohn (Screenplay)

Starring: Sara Malakul Lane, Nicole Alexandra Shipley, Jared Cohn, Richard Switzer, David Gere


Plot: Actress Mika Andrews and her filmmaker boyfriend Louis Digman struggle through the trenches of the entertainment industry to succeed in “Hollywood.” Told in raw documentary style, the camera chronicles Mika’s journey through Los Angeles, going to auditions and trying to make her mark in front of the camera. Louis’s story shows his struggles behind the scenes as an up-and-coming writer-director. The film also follows their ups and downs as a young couple, supporting each other through the stresses, hopes, desires, disappointments and Mika’s crippling insomnia, as they try to make ends meet and pursue their dreams in an often heart-breaking industry.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Great Look at Reality of Hollywood


Story: Wishing for a Dream starts with Mika Andrews (Lane) an aspiring actress trying to find her latest job only to get dumped by her agent. Mika along with her film making boyfriend Louis (Cohn) are determined to complete their dreams when an unexpected pilot comes Mika’s way. We see how the couple continue to just take small jobs to make ends meet even though they have no interest in doing them while they wait for their chance.

Mika is struggling with her sleeping making every day difficult as the stress continue to grow as she is feeling the pressure to succeed in Hollywood. Mika’s best friend Lily (Shipley) tries to help Mika feel better about herself as we see the couple deal with the harsh reality Hollywood gives the dreamers.

Wishing for a Dream shows how difficult it is for both actors and directors in the Hollywood industry. It shows how even if things look like they are going well they can crash down but if you keep plugging away things will come your way. The relationship between the two feels natural as they are supporting through the difficulties they are going through. This is a film that should be checked out by all.


Actor Review


Sara Malakul Lane: Mika Andrews is the actress struggling to find work in Hollywood and any work she gets a chance at she stresses out causing her to become an insomniac. Sara is great in this role showing the difficulties involved with making it.mika

Nicole Alexandra Shipley: Lily is Mika’s best friend in Hollywood, she is also an actress but also gets a chance to make help Mika relax from all the troubles she is having. Nicole is good in the supporting role but I would have to have seen more.

Jared Cohn: Louis Digman is the film making boyfriend of Mika who supports her while trying to get his chance in the business to, his story of trying to get his latest project made is the second half of the film. Jared gives us a good natural performance as the struggling filmmaker.

Support Cast: Wishing for a Dream really only has a few supporting performances from producer playing themselves.

Director Review: Jared CohnJared gives us a great look at the Hollywood struggles.


Romance: Wishing for a Dream shows a natural relationship rather than just a romantic film which helps the characters.

Settings: Wishing for a Dream uses the settings to show the couple trying to make themselves getting a chance.
: Wishing for a Dream is one to try but I do think some people will find it hard it hard to watch. (Try It)


Best Part: The ups and downs.

Worst Part: Slightly to much of a happy ending.


Believability: Could be a struggle real actors and directors face.

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: Shows scenes from the movie in the credits.


Oscar Chances: No

Budget: $350,000

Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

Tagline: This industry is like a drug… And I’m addicted.


Overall: Good story about the harsh realities in the business of Hollywood






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