Oscar Season Challenge – Brooklyn (2015)

Rob and I have decided to make a twist on the challenge where we will be looking at Oscar related films first before moving into going back to look at different Oscar winners from the past.

brooklynDirector: John Crowley

Writer: Nick Hornby (Screenplay) Colm Toibin (Novel)

Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Eillen O’Higgins, Domhnall Gleeson, Jim Broadbent, Emory Cohen, Julie Walters


Plot: An Irish immigrant lands in 1950s Brooklyn, where she quickly falls into a new romance. When her past catches up with her, however, she must choose between two countries and the lives that exist within.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Wonderful Romantic Story


Story: Brooklyn starts with Eilis (Ronan) a young Irish woman working in a local shop, she plans to move to America and Father Flood (Broadbent) has helped make this happen. Eilis learns a few tricks of the trade along the way on the boat before arrive in Brooklyn where she stays with Mrs Kehoe (Walters) in a religious household.

Eilis does have her ups and downs with her first few months in Brooklyn but she gains the respect of the house owner Mrs Kehoe much to the annoyance of the other girls in the house before she meets the charming Italian Tony (Cohen). When tragedy strikes back home in Ireland she has to put her new life on hold and travel home where she ends up meeting Jim Farrell (Gleeson) where she ends up having to make the biggest decision of her life.

Brooklyn is a romantic film that pulls on your heart strings and actually has you rooting for one of the guys, the characters are all likeable which can be difficult for these styles of films but this one gets everything right. The idea that one trip could change this young woman’s life is the main focal point which gets driven throughout and it isn’t only about which side of the Atlantic would be best for her romantically but also professionally. We get to see how dreams can be chased and love can be found in the places you are brave enough to look for it. As a non-romantic film fan I found this had everything I enjoyed.


Actor Review


Saoirse Ronan: Eilis is the young Irish lady who gets to go to America the lady of opportunity, in America she meets the charming Tony and starts to live the life of her dreams but when tragedy strikes she finds herself back in Ireland having to make a choice between Ireland or America. Saoirse is brilliant in this leading role where she shines from start to finish.elisi

Domhnall Gleeson: Jim Farrell is the Irish man that Eilis falls for when she returns back to Ireland, he is nothing like she expects. Domhnall would only be considered a supporting cast member but is good once we finally meet him.

Emory Cohen: Tony is the charming Italian plumber that comes into Eilis’ life who helps turn her struggle in Brooklyn into the best time of her life. The two have a whirlwind romance that is the stuff of fairy tales but when Eilis returns to Ireland he is left waiting to see if she will return. Emory is great in this role where he never looks out of place in this story.

Jim Broadbent: Father Flood is the man who arranges the whole trip for Eilis which includes finding her a job, a home and being in Brooklyn if she needs any support. Jim gives us a great supporting performance you would expect from the great man.

Support Cast: Brooklyn has a wonderful supporting cast that all give this film a real feel about it with not a single person looking out of place.

Director Review: John CrowleyJohn gives us a film that will stick with you for years to come


Drama: Brooklyn shows how one lady needs to make the toughest decision of her life being it romantically or professionally.

Romance: Brooklyn gives us a love triangle that only one person can make the right decision with and you will root for one of the guys more than the other.

Chemistry: Brooklyn gives us great chemistry between our leads as they come off like a real couple.

Music: Brooklyn uses the music perfectly throughout the film.

Settings: Brooklyn re-creates the look of the settings to make everything look like we are in 1950 Brooklyn and Ireland.

Suggestion: Brooklyn is one of those films I think everyone should watch this year, it is a perfect date night movie too. (Watch)


Best Part: The romance between Tony and Eilis.

Worst Part: We don’t meet Jim until well over the hour mark.

Funniest Moment: Frankie, Tony little brother.

Romantic Moment: Before the trip home.


Believability: Certain parts could have been a true story even if this is a fictional one.

Chances of Tears: Maybe.

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No

Similar Too: The Notebook.


Awards: Nominated for Best Actress in Golden Globes.

Oscar Chances: It could get nominated for Best Actress.

Runtime: 1 Hour 51 Minutes

Tagline: Two countries, two loves, one heart.

Trivia: The city of Brooklyn in the film was actually shot in Montreal for budgeting reasons, as the production was unable to turn 2015 Brooklyn back to 1950s Brooklyn. Only two days of production were spent in Brooklyn, one in order to create the brownstone exterior shots and a second to film at Coney Island.


Overall: Brilliant romantic drama that pulls on the heart strings.


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