Movie Reviews 101 Midnight Horror – Crying Wolf (2015)

cryingDirector: Tony Jopia

Writer: Tony Jopia, Andy Davie, Michael Dale (Screenplay) Tony Jopia, Andy Davie (Story)

Starring: Gary Martin, Caroline Munro, Kristofer Dayne, Gabriela Hersham, Ian Donnelly, Joe Egan, Kimberly Jaraj, Chloe Farnsworth, Rosie Pearson, John R WAlker


Plot: From the Director of ‘DEADTIME’ and ‘Zombie Harvest’ comes Crying Wolf! They’re Hungry, Hairy and ready to hunt you down! The comedy horror Crying Wolf tells the story of strange and weird goings on in a little English village called Deddington. The gruesome death of local girl Charlotte by a rabid monster causes alarm and revulsion – before desperate reporters, crazy detectives and revenge seeking hunters descend on the scene! Crying wolf is a fast paced British comedy horror that will keep you howling for more!


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Quirky Comedy


Story: Crying Wolf starts as Private Detective (Martin) comes to the town of Deddington to investigate what happened to his old friend, which takes him to a local antique shop where the shopkeeper (Munro) reluctantly sales him a book giving away the secrets of the town.

While reading the book he learns about a group of werewolves that travel around as a pack, they are organised unit with age range from young to old. As we follow the pack we see how Andy (Dayne) was the original bitten man who turned all his friends into helping Milly (Hersham) after no one believes him about the werewolf outside. We see how the pack lure victims in the English countryside into become their latest victims and the Private Detective tries to get to the bottom of it.

Crying Wolf really gives us a string of short stories being told by the overall pack all trying to add the scares and laughs along the way. We get a twist on the werewolf genre by having the pack trying to look normal while hunting which is refreshing. The film does have flaw which would be the fact we get quite a lot of sub-stories going on which do add to the twists but sometimes leave you forgetting about other stories going on. If you do want something that is different and mostly fun this is one to enjoy.


Actor Review


Gary Martin: Private Detective is the man trying to figure out what has been happening in the town, he reads the book with the history of what is going on but doesn’t know how to get to the bottom of everything. Gary is solid as the narrator without getting the time other than to tell the story.

Kristofer Dayne: Andy is a local man who gets infected with the werewolf virus who ends up having to turn his friend, he has been involved into bring the pack back together with Milly but has history with other members of the pack. Kristofer is solid as the basic slave to the leader guiding his friends into battle.

Gabriela Hersham: Milly is the leader of the pack who wants to unit them all once and for all by using Andy to make this more likely to happen. She has a firm grip over every decision that Andy makes. Gabriela is good in this role as the villainous leader of the group.

Rosie Pearson: Emma is one of the packs who has to bring her step sister on the trip even though she is all human, she has history with Andy which will leave her step-sister in danger when she clashes with Milly. Rosie is good in this role without really excelling.

Support Cast: Crying Wolf has a good supporting which all really are just as big as the main actors in the final story as everyone is involved with where the film is going.

Director Review: Tony JopiaTony gives us a fun horror comedy throughout without pushing the limits on either side of the fence.


Comedy: Crying Wolf has good laughs throughout make the horror effects lightened.

Horror: Crying Wolf has good horror elements without going to deep into them.

Settings: Crying Wolf uses the countryside for the settings showing the character stuck in the middle of nowhere.
Special Effects
: Crying Wolf has basic effects with the CGI being clear to see.

Suggestion: Crying Wolf is one for the horror comedy fans to enjoy. (Horror Comedy Fans Watch)


Best Part: Gangster segment.

Worst Part: Little bit too much going on.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene:

Similar Too: 2001 Maniacs


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

Tagline: When the howling starts, the killing begins


Overall: Fun horror comedy with British comedy throughout.



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