Top 5 Favourite Michael Clarke Duncan Roles

Michael Clarke Duncan was one of the greatest screen presences of all time standing at 6ft 4 he always came off as a gentle giant.  We did lose Michael in 2012 at the age of 54 but we will always have the memories of this brilliant performances. He was often the supporting actor which also got him a single Oscar nomination in the supporting category. Today I will be picking my favourite performances of his career.

=5. Manute – Sin City (2005)sin

Manute is a kingpin that is one of the iconic characters in the Sin City universe even if he isn’t in many scenes in the film you will remember him.

=5. Leo Knox – The Finder (2012)finder

Leo is the partner to Walter who helps him solve the crimes with his non-violent style. This was a spin off from Bones which only lasted one season but his character in it works perfectly for the comic timing through the show.

4. Starkweather – The Island (2005)island

Starkweather is a supporting character in this film who is selected as one of the winner to go to the Island only for our main characters to see what is really happening to him and seeing the pure fear in his character shows just what is at stake for these characters.

3. Balthazar – The Scorpion King (2002)scorpion

Balthazar teams up with Mathayus to take down the evil leader, he is a fierce warrior that could hold his own against Mathayus but having him on your side will help you win any battle.

2. Bear – Armageddon (1998)armageddon

Bear is one of the drillers involved in going to the asteroid to blow it up, this is one of the first films that makes you take notice Michael as he ends up being a good supporting character that has laughs a plenty.

1.       John Coffey – The Green Mile (1999)green

John is wrongfully convicted of a murder and left on death row, he is a giant of a man but as gentle as they come, he has a special ability that no one really understands. This is the role that got him an Oscar nomination and in this film he out shines Tom Hanks.

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