Top 5 Favourite Television Performances of 2015

When it comes to television shows I really don’t watch as many shows as I could but with the ones I do enjoy watching I decided to pick my favourite performance in these shows this year. My rules are simple, the show or series had to be aired in 2015 and only one star per show.

5. Eric Dane – CO CDR Tom Chandler – The Last Shipdane

Captain Chandler is the leader of an American Naval ship who has been searching for a cure for a virus that has wiped out large numbers of the world’s population. In the first season we were left with a cliff hanger and we came back to find our heroes as we believe they will be safe but a new enemy forces Chandler to make the difficult decisions throughout the season.

4. Bruce Campbell – Ash Williams – Ash vs Evil Deadash

I am not afraid to say I love the Evil Dead original films and was left disappointed with the remake, mostly because there was no Bruce Campbell (until end credits). The trailer hit for this show and I was sold. Bruce didn’t fail to deliver mixing the hero Ash with the character from ‘My Name in Bruce’ to show a middle aged survivor of a horror film still fighting the same demons.

3. Andrew Lincoln and Melissa McBride – Rick Grimes and Carol – The Walking Deadrickcarol

After 2 seasons of this show I have seen since the start it would be fair to say we all get annoyed by every decision Rick made and Carol was just going to be a disposable supporting character going nowhere. Now Carol is arguable the most popular character in the season where she is now the person that can blend into any moment in the show be it caring lady looking after children or the kick ass zombie or human killer. Rick finally stepped up in the second half of season 5 where he leads the survivors to a new community where he sees all the problems and takes things too far while dealing with these problems. Over the start of season six we see how the community are all turning to him to help them survivor and his leadership skills are shining through. I do think both have shown brilliant development as the show has continued and now we can get the most out of both of them.

2. Lady Gaga – The Countess – American Horror Story Hotelgaga

I can say I am not the biggest fan of this season of American Horror Story as I am finding it rather slow but when it comes to the acting I can’t help but think that each star is giving us brilliant performance with mentions to Kathy Bates, Wes Bentley and Denis O’Hare. The true star of this show has to be Lady Gaga who has effortlessly jumped into the series as the seductive vampire controlling everything in the hotel, we see her emotionless side as she kills anyone not agreeing with her and standing toe to toe with some of the biggest names in acting.

1.       Emma Roberts – Chanel Oberlin (Chanel Number One) – Scream Queenschanell

This show has come from nowhere and of course it has Ryan Murphy from American Horror Story involved. This a comedy horror that has three people giving comedy gold performance with Chad Radwell (Glen Powell) and Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) along with Emma. Chanel is the lead of a sorority that is having a mystery devil coming after them, she is spoilt rich woman who thinks everything should go her way whatever happens but the thing that makes Chanel stand out is the dialogue about everything being about her even after her friends are being killed. This is bar far my favourite performance of the year.

Honourable Mentions

·         Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kirsch – True Detectives another show I really didn’t like as much as the previous but all four shine in it.


13 comments on “Top 5 Favourite Television Performances of 2015

  1. Scream Queens is one whose premise did not intrigue me but hearing that it’s from Ryan Murphy who did AHS does have me interested. I have only seen the first two seasons of AHS are the other ones just as good

    • The 4th one was my personal favourite, while the third get people slamming it the most, 5 i have given up on even though the acting was great throughout the story lacked enough to pull me in after about 6 episodes

  2. Great picks.. I was really surprised by Gaga in AHS. She’s impressive though. Same with Emma Roberts, although most ofcthe young cast is rsally good in Scrsam Queens. Love that you have The Chin on your list… aka The Man!

  3. I not only enjoy watching Lady Gaga in American Horror Story: Hotel, but this season so far is my favorite of all of the seasons. I loved the first and third season, but disliked last season, so I am glad the show, at least for me, has rebounded so well.

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