Movie Reviews 101 Midnight Horror – Live-Evil (2015)

liveDirector: Ari Kirchenbaum

Writer: Ari Kirchenbaum (Screenplay)

Starring: Charlene Amoia, Vladimir Kulich, Tony Todd, Vincent M Ward, J Richey Nash


Plot: Supernatural forces are locked into a college town police force’s basement jail. The sheriff and his deputies are subjected to psychic attacks, preying on the fears of the loyal officers and only those with the strongest wills can survive.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Uniquely Told Horror


Story: Live-Evil starts as Deputy Hancock (Amoia) answers a call at a sorority house where she finds a naked woman who is possessed to make whoever looks upon her be their biggest enemy. Returning the woman to the police station Sheriff Pete (Kulich) sees the woman as his father, Sam (Ward) sees her as the man that killed his sister and fellow officers sees him as a serial killer.

In the police station the demon continue to manipulate the prisoners and officers alike but also turns out to be unkillable trying to take over the station. The mysterious due Mr Eleven (Ricker) and Mr Twelve (Carter) do know what is going on but being wanted by the FBI means they are not going to talk to anyone. It is left to Hancock to keep Pete away from the demon as they look for answers to why the dead are now walking around.

Live-Evil is told over seven chapters, each one with an introduction to where the story is going, we do get to follow in order which with this style could easily have jumped between the time periods. The inclusion of the undead and demon keeping us guess really works and you can help but feel you are watching a mix of The Fog and Planet Terror. We do still have a few unanswered questions at the end but you can just about make it all out too. Overall this is a very good story that manages to balance the genres nicely.


Actor Review


Charlene Amoia: Deputy Hancock is the officer who discovers the demon that has started the undead walking among the living, she is the first to realise that not everything is as it seems and most control the fellow officers as they try to kill the demon only turning themselves into their worst nightmares. Charlene does a good job in this leading role making for a strong leading lady in the horror world.

Vladimir Kulich: Sheriff Pete instantly wants to kill the demon thinking it is his father, once he is pulled out of his trance he then leads the investigation with Hancock to stop the undead walking among the living. Vladimir does a good job in this role.pete

Tony Todd: Pastor is the priest whose church gets overrun with the undead, he is taken prisoner by the zombies only to find himself part of the answer. Tony gives us a good supporting performance but with a character that really isn’t involved enough.

Support Cast: Live-Evil has a supporting cast that includes the fellow officers, the university staff and of course the zombies

Director Review: Ari KirchenbaumAri gives us a unique horror for this year that does keep us guessing all the way through.


Horror: Live-Evil is filled with all the horror ideas but in the end isn’t very scary.

Settings: Live-Evil uses the location well to create the horror atmosphere for each scene.
Special Effects
: Live-Evil uses good effects where needed.

Suggestion: Live-Evil is one for the horror fans to watch, mainly because it will be something different. (Horror Fans Watch)


Best Part: Concept.

Worst Part: Slightly unanswered questions by the end.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: Maybe

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes


Overall: Uniquely original horror that clashes the Fog and Planet Terror


Tomorrowland (2015)

logoDirector: Brad Bird

Writer: Brad Bird, Damon Lindelof (Screenplay) Brad Bird, Damon Lindelof, Jeff Jensen (Story)

Starring: George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson, Raffey Cassidy, Tim McGraw, Kathryn Hahn, Keegan-Michael Key

Plot: Bound by a shared destiny, a teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor embark on a mission to unearth the secrets of a place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory.

There may be spoilers the rest of the review

Verdict: Ambitious Idea

Story: Tomorrowland starts with Frank (Clooney) trying to prepare us to the world we are going into where we learn of his love of science from the moment he entered the world invention competition at a tender young age where he meets Nix (Laurie) who is impressed with his work along with Athena (Cassidy) but as the invention doesn’t fully work he gets dismissed. Athena likes the idea and gives Frank instructions to a world where the future has already taken over, but the older version still has the warning with an impending clock counting down.

Casey (Robertson) brings a fresh prospective to the story because she is an optimist as we follow her choice to make a platform from being destroyed and saving her father Eddie’s (McGraw) job. When she get caught upon her release she is left with a mysterious pin that upon touching takes her to a mysterious world, Tomorrowland.

Still not sure what is happening Casey looks for answer which Athena tries to bring her as Athena searches for people who can save Tomorrowland from a future threat. Which means getting to the stage where Casey meets Frank and make up for a creation which witnesses the end of the world, but Tomorrowland is nothing like any of them imagined.

Tomorrowland can not be fault for actually trying to think outside the box and being original, in a year where we had a large amount of successful sequels it had been a rare thing to see something like this, this year. I did like the idea of working between the two dimensions and that we are looking into the idea of the world ending. What I didn’t like was the way too long of an introduction to each character and not enough time in the Tomorrowland. I can’t help but love the ideas used this film and think it needs to be watch.

Actor Review

George Clooney: Frank Walker is the man who was exiled from Tomorrowland and lives in isolation, he knows the world is going to end and has just accepted it. When he meets Casey he learns that he could in fact change the future once and for all leading him to go back into Tomorrowland to change the future and save the world. George gives a good performance that really works in a grumpy old man performance.frank

Hugh Laurie: Nix is the leader of Tomorrowland where he rules knowing that the world will end, he is happy for the world to end because him and his people are safe in a new world. Hugh is criminally underutilized in this film we should have seen him in a much more villainous role like the one created than this.nix

Britt Robertson: Casey Newton is the rebellious teenager who gets selected by Athena as the potential savour of the world, she gets attracted by Tomorrowland and ends up having to fight for the world, but ends up asking too many questions through the film. Britt steps out of no where to end up becoming one of the potential break out stars of the year.casey

Raffey Cassidy: Athena is the little girl who recruits the dreamers of the world to come to Tomorrowland but after she is banished she searches for the people who can help save Tomorrowland from its potential destruction. She is a robot and has been trained to defeat all enemies in combat. Raffey really is the star performer in this film nailing all the scenes where the image of her character never seems to fit in the performance.athena

Support Cast: Tomorrowland has the basic supporting cast with the family of Casey that all work to show her almost being held back from her potential along with the robots hunting them down that all look very much out of place.

Director Review: Brad BirdBrad gives us such an ambitious project that does need to get more respect than the box office scores show it having.

Action: Tomorrowland has good action but really is just standard fight scenes throughout.

Adventure: Tomorrowland puts Casey on a brilliant adventure that takes her to a new world puts her life in peril which all works well for an adventure film.

Family: Tomorrowland could be one for all the family to enjoy with something everyone will enjoy.

Mystery: Tomorrowland does leave you wondering what is actually happening with the characters and Tomorrowland.

Sci-Fi: Tomorrowland brings us into a future world where dreamers are encouraged rather than pushed down which all works to show the difference between the two worlds.

Settings: Tomorrowland creates a beautiful world for Tomorrowland while the Earth settings are very
Special Effects: Tomorrowland has flawless settings with what is going on in the Tomorrowland because it needs to look amazing for the idea in the film.

Suggestion: Tomorrowland is one to try I think most people will enjoy it more than they would think. (Try It)

Best Part: Britt Robertson and Raffey Cassidy both are great.

Worst Part: Not enough with Nix.

Favourite Quote: Nix Every day is the opportunity for a better tomorrow.

Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: Could have one.

Post Credits Scene: No

Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $208 Million

Budget: $190 Million

Runtime: 2 Hours 10 Minutes

Tagline: Imagine a place where nothing is impossible.

Overall: Brilliantly ambitious that could be one of the best original ideas this year


Top 5 Favourite Television Performances of 2015

When it comes to television shows I really don’t watch as many shows as I could but with the ones I do enjoy watching I decided to pick my favourite performance in these shows this year. My rules are simple, the show or series had to be aired in 2015 and only one star per show.

5. Eric Dane – CO CDR Tom Chandler – The Last Shipdane

Captain Chandler is the leader of an American Naval ship who has been searching for a cure for a virus that has wiped out large numbers of the world’s population. In the first season we were left with a cliff hanger and we came back to find our heroes as we believe they will be safe but a new enemy forces Chandler to make the difficult decisions throughout the season.

4. Bruce Campbell – Ash Williams – Ash vs Evil Deadash

I am not afraid to say I love the Evil Dead original films and was left disappointed with the remake, mostly because there was no Bruce Campbell (until end credits). The trailer hit for this show and I was sold. Bruce didn’t fail to deliver mixing the hero Ash with the character from ‘My Name in Bruce’ to show a middle aged survivor of a horror film still fighting the same demons.

3. Andrew Lincoln and Melissa McBride – Rick Grimes and Carol – The Walking Deadrickcarol

After 2 seasons of this show I have seen since the start it would be fair to say we all get annoyed by every decision Rick made and Carol was just going to be a disposable supporting character going nowhere. Now Carol is arguable the most popular character in the season where she is now the person that can blend into any moment in the show be it caring lady looking after children or the kick ass zombie or human killer. Rick finally stepped up in the second half of season 5 where he leads the survivors to a new community where he sees all the problems and takes things too far while dealing with these problems. Over the start of season six we see how the community are all turning to him to help them survivor and his leadership skills are shining through. I do think both have shown brilliant development as the show has continued and now we can get the most out of both of them.

2. Lady Gaga – The Countess – American Horror Story Hotelgaga

I can say I am not the biggest fan of this season of American Horror Story as I am finding it rather slow but when it comes to the acting I can’t help but think that each star is giving us brilliant performance with mentions to Kathy Bates, Wes Bentley and Denis O’Hare. The true star of this show has to be Lady Gaga who has effortlessly jumped into the series as the seductive vampire controlling everything in the hotel, we see her emotionless side as she kills anyone not agreeing with her and standing toe to toe with some of the biggest names in acting.

1.       Emma Roberts – Chanel Oberlin (Chanel Number One) – Scream Queenschanell

This show has come from nowhere and of course it has Ryan Murphy from American Horror Story involved. This a comedy horror that has three people giving comedy gold performance with Chad Radwell (Glen Powell) and Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) along with Emma. Chanel is the lead of a sorority that is having a mystery devil coming after them, she is spoilt rich woman who thinks everything should go her way whatever happens but the thing that makes Chanel stand out is the dialogue about everything being about her even after her friends are being killed. This is bar far my favourite performance of the year.

Honourable Mentions

·         Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kirsch – True Detectives another show I really didn’t like as much as the previous but all four shine in it.