The Condemned 2 (2015)

condemnedDirector: Roel Reine

Writer: Alan B McElroy (Screenplay)

Starring: Randy Orton, Eric Roberts, Wes Studi, Steven Michael Quezada, Bill Stinchcomb, Alex Knight, Dylan Kenin, Michael Sheets


Plot: A former bounty hunter who finds himself on the run as part of a revamped Condemned tournament, in which convicts are forced to fight each other to the death as part of a game that’s broadcast to the public.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Basic Action Film


Story: The Condemned 2 starts when Cyrus Merrick (Studi) is entertaining his people with twisted games in which his people bet on. Will Tanner (Orton) brings elite team of bounty hunters Harrigan (Stinchcomb), Cooper (Knight), Travis (Kenin), Lange (Sheets) and Michaels (Bicknell) to capture wanted criminal Cyrus things get out of hand leaving Cyrus dead and Will under arrest.

After getting off with just a suspended sentence Will returns to his father Frank (Roberts) as he looks for where to turn next, a real job as a tow truck operator. Will’s new job doesn’t start smoothly when Michaels comes after him as it turns out that he is now part of a revamped version of The Condemned game run by Raul Baccaro (Quezada) where his team are all being threatened into killing him.

The Condemned 2 goes in a different direction to the first one, it does show the respect by mentioning how that one went but this tried to evolve the style with the technology we have. This would be similar to watch Hostel 3 did for that series of films. I do think this could have been anything really it doesn’t need to just be a sequel and I would find it hard to see Will’s team turn so quickly on him. I will say I am disappointed with the lack of threat from colourful character which was one of the stand out moments in the first film but the skill sets each member of the team has does help. In the end everything comes off very simple and doesn’t give us much to guess with what is going on.


Actor Review


Randy Orton: Will Tanner is the bounty hunter who after a mistake leaves a target dead and his team disbanded. Avoiding jail, he returns home to start an honest living only to find his former team coming after him one by one as he finds himself the latest target in the revamped Condemned game. Randy gives us a performance you would expect from a wrestler turned actor but the action stops any short comings for him.


Eric Roberts: Frank Tanner is the father of Will who is embarrassed by Will having to stop the family business but sticks by him through the challenging events Will finds himself in the middle of. Eric gives us a good performance even if only in a supporting position.


Steven Michael Quezada: Raul Baccaro takes over the games and holds the contest between the bounty hunter team. This is his way of extracting revenge for Cyrus’ death by making Will face his own team. Steven makes for an average villain that is all threats but never threatening.


Bill Stinchcomb: Harrigan is one of the team and the only one that doesn’t turn on Will in fact he helps explain what is going on and helps him try and find a way to survive the rest of the team. Bill gives us a solid supporting performance that answers all the questions being asked.


Support Cast: The Condemned 2 has a small supporting cast which is mostly the rest of the team each with a different skill that Will must come up against.


Director Review: Roel ReineRoel gives us a basic action film that doesn’t leave much to the imagination.


Action: The Condemned 2 has basic fight scenes and easy explosions for the action side of the story.

Thriller: The Condemned 2 keeps you wondering which one will come up against Will next but doesn’t really leave you guessing what the rest are up to as you know Will won’t die.

Settings: The Condemned 2 tries to make the whole everyday life be the new target for the game.
Special Effects
: The Condemned 2 has basic effects for the explosions being used in the film.

Suggestion: The Condemned 2 is one for the action fans to try, it has basic action which will be enjoyed enough by all. (Action Fans Watch)


Best Part: Gas station fight.

Worst Part: Worst sniper ever.

Action Scene Of The Film: Gas station.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: It can happen.

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes


Overall: Basic Action that is a non-stop ride.



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