Opinion Battles Round 14 – Who Should Be The Next James Bond?

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Who should be the next James Bond?


We have Spectre out in the cinema and Daniel Craig’s four deal Bond contract up, we are left wondering will he return for another outing as the iconic spy or is it time for someone new? We have looked at who we want in the next tuxedo but who do you think is the best choice?


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Darren – Movie Reviews 101


Luke Evans


When I first saw this question I wanted to say Dan Stevens because of age but with only 3 years on Stevens Evans has bought us ‘No One Lives’ where Luke plays a killer that has military training, Fast & Furious 6 where he is the best enemy Dom and the crew have taken on, Dracula Untold which is rubbish but he does a good job in and The Hobbit where he is one of the character you actually remember I feel he has the look, the style for the role. I feel this guy is just waiting to explode onto the popcorn scene for movies and let’s face it, that is all James Bond films really are now popcorn flicks.




Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

My top five reasons are:

01 He’s English.
02 He’s under 30.
03 He’s got the looks.
04 He’s got the range for spy & drama.
05 He’s proven his physicality to do action.


Movie Rob


Idris Elba

 elba 1

I think it’s time that they add a bit of color to Bond, so I think Idris Elba would be the perfect choice.  He can handle both the action and dramatic aspects of the role and has shown how well he can act in pressure situations


Khalid – The Blazing Reel


Damian Lewis


I know there most people out there are heavily in favor of Idris Elba being the next Bond but personally, I think there simply isn’t a better option than Damian Lewis. And for those of you opposing the fact that he has ginger hair, ever heard of ‘hair-dye’? Anyways, the reason I think Damian Lewis should be Bond is because he’s simply one of the most underrated actors working today. He came into the limelight mainly for his stellar central performance on Band of Brothers but it’s his turn as Sergeant Nicholas Brody on Homeland that proves the amazing range he possesses as an actor and anyone who has seen Homeland will know what I’m talking about and the fact that he played a conflicted character on Homeland so well can allow him to bring new dimensions to the character of James Bond itself. GO DAMIAN LEWIS!


Kim – Tranquil Dreams


Tom Hardy


Choosing the next James Bond is a hard one.  Do I think that Daniel Craig is a bad James Bond? I definitely don’t.  He’s a different sort of James Bond but he still holds the class  but adds some rugged sort of personality to it.  The next James Bond is a tough choice.  While I thought that Clive Owen and Sean Bean could be good choices, they are older than the general age that James Bond is portrayed at.  This leads me into some younger choices.  Tom Hiddleston could could it but he’s a little young.  Finally, Tom Hardy solely because he does have the class and the style.  He also has the action skills and the good acting abilities to take on this character.  Absolutely simple reasons and a slight process of elimination but that is who James Bond is to me and why Tom Hardy works. 




Idris Elba

 elba 2

For me there is only one choice – Idris Elba. I don’t think he will be the next Bond, but I really really think he should be. He’s cool, he’s tough, he’s already well liked by pretty much everyone and he’s a darn fine actor. And whilst I think having a black actor play James Bond would be a great thing, that’s not the reason I champion Elba – I just think he’d be perfect. The thing is with Bond, everyone goes on about him being suave and sophisticated and forget he needs to be able to kick some arse as well. Elba is a bit rough around the edges in many of his roles but wouldn’t that be perfect for the modern Bond movies where the eponymous lead character has depth and intrigue? I just really don’t want it to be Damian Lewis. What a bore that would be.


Summer – Serendipitous Anachronisms


Benedict Cumberbatch


The question is where do they want to go next with Bond? Daniel Craig broke every mold for Bond, to go back to the ridiculous 70s camp is an injustice to the series. But moving in the same direction disserves any new actor who is not Daniel Craig.


Ideally, I would like the series to darken, so you would need an actor who can take it there.

In my opinion, two contemporary actors have the necessary attributes. James Bond must ooze with sex appeal, not overly handsome, be age appropriate, and physically capable of handling extreme stunt work.


So our two choices are Michael Fassbender or Benedict Cumberbatch. I love Fassbender playing Bond, but his existing franchise commitments may create scheduling conflicts.


The next Bond should be Benedict Cumberbatch. He is the only actor that makes complete sense in my book. 


Wait… Let’s just enjoy that photo for a minute.

Okay, if that photo did not persuade you, you must be male, so let me continue…

· Completely different type than Daniel Craig- CHECK

· An excellent actor in his own right- CHECK

· Famous enough to draw an audience, but not enough for his personality to eclipse his characters- CHECK

· Capable of intense physical performance- CHECK

· Tough but easily blends with ambassadors- CHECK

· Sexy but not overly handsome- CHECK

· British- CHECK

· Looks great in a tux- CHECK 

Um, did I mention he kicks butt? If you are a Sherlock fan, you might recall the moment when he threw a terrorist out the window… how many times? “It’s all a bit of a blur, Detective Inspector. I lost count.”


And he can rap as Alan Rickman, has legit dance moves, and roars like Chewbacca. 


Seriously, how is this guy not a 10?

S.G. Liput -Rhyme and Reason
Idris Elba
I’m not a big James Bond fan, but Bond is such a long-standing movie persona that speculation on the next recast was inevitable. While Michael Fassbender might be my second choice, the actor that I feel would bring the most to the role of Bond is Idris Elba. In the past, I might have thought casting a black Bond was a decision made just for the sake of switching things up, but I think Elba could really pull it off. He’s proven his acting ability and his range, acting stoic, menacing, suave, or likably heroic depending on the role. His casting might also offer new possible directions for the character. Plus, he’s British! (So he’s certainly eligible.)



  1. I’m with Summer: the actor totally depends on the direction.

    Idris’ age is an issue, though I do think it’d be awesome if he appeared in the story as 005.

    Luke Evans has a far better charisma to be a villain, and it goes on…

    Each of these actors would perfectly fit a specific niche, but without a direction, it’s just random guessing.

  2. My dad loved James Bond. So, I’ve seen pretty much all of them. I voted for Idris. I think he combines the suave sophistication and the tough guy persona (although I don’t think James Bond was ever a “tough guy” until Daniel Craig portrayed him). I think he was more crafty and cool than “tough” before Daniel Craig took the role. Good job summarizing each actor!

  3. Khalid: “I think there simply isn’t a better option than Damian Lewis.”
    Emma: “I just really don’t want it to be Damian Lewis. What a bore that would be.”
    Haha That’s too good.

    My vote’s for Tom Hardy. Aaron Taylor-Johnson would be a good pick for a young, early Bond before being a 00.

    • Personally, Idris Elba would be my second choice but I think Tom Hardy is way too rugged for the role, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is just not that great of an actor in general and has zero charisma and Benedict Cumberbatch just doesn’t fit that suave and dapper look

      • I think Elba would just be pick to stop the discussion about whether he can be black or stay the same, i would like him to create his own slick character, Tom hardy is just too busy and too franchised at the moment for my liking, benedict could easily be like Roger Moore bond, Lewis is a good pick and his TV work proves he has skills

      • I woudn’t mind seeing him as Bond. I think the fact that he is black should have no bearing on this and I thought the same about Hardy. I don’t think the producers ever picked a bonafide A-lister like Hardy to play Bond

      • I think the biggest thing holding Elba back is the bad movies he has made as a lead actor and i think even my choice Evans could be held up as being someone who can’t make money as leading names

      • Yeah but that shouldn’t be a problem because the actors that play Bond usually are B-listers. Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton were all small-time actors before they played Bond, the name of the franchise is enough to sell them

      • True, i was surprised not to see Dan Stevens get picked which i was going to pick because the Guest might as well have been an audition for him

  4. Reblogged this on Tranquil Dreams and commented:
    Round 14 of Opinion Battles and we pose an important question: Who should be the next James Bond? Spectre is coming out this Friday in Canada and I have my ticket already so its just waiting to go see it. It did take some effort to arrive to my choice but for me, Tom Hardy can do a great job at it. He’s the right age, classy, charming, lots of style and can handle some good action sequences. Check out the other choices and drop a vote on who you agree with the most!

  5. Thanks for adding me on, Darren. These are all great choices, and I could personally see any of them being Bond (except Damian Lewis; I’ve only seen him in one movie, and it wasn’t very flattering. Sorry, Khalid).

  6. Personally, I’m hoping the next James bond will be a Jane.
    But I’m definitely on board for Elba. I think he’s got the class and the physicality. I love Hardy but not sure he’s a fit. I love Cumberbatch and I feel positive he’s not a fit. ATJ is interesting thinking. My vote’s definitely with Elba though.

  7. Damian Lewis is a bold pick, Khalid. I like it. Very intriguing. Elba is really compelling too. What about Mark Strong from Welcome to the Punch and Kingsman? Too old? I think he has a commanding presence.

  8. Reblogged this on Rhyme and Reason and commented:
    Everyone seems to have an opinion about who should be the next James Bond, making this a perfect topic for the latest Opinion Battle. I’m partial to Idris Elba, but check out everyone’s great picks. May the best potential Bond win!

  9. Damian Lewis would be a very good fit. I know movie nerds would be ecstatic if Hardy got it, if only so they could say they knew he was a talented actor all those years ago before the mainstream knew who he was.

    I guess it depends if they want to reboot Bond to make him younger, more or less refined, softer or more wounded or whatever.

    I think Colin Farrell would be a great choice for a tough but soulful Bond.

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