400 Days (2015)

daysDirector: Matt Osterman

Writer: Matt Osterman (Screenplay)

Starring: Caity Lotz, Tom Cavanagh, Brandon Routh, Dane Cook, Ben Feldman, Grant Bowler, Fernanda Romero, Sally Pressman, Sara Tomko


Plot: “400 Days” centres on four astronauts sent on a simulated mission to a distant planet to test the psychological effects of deep space travel. Locked away for 400 days, the crew’s mental state begins to deteriorate when they lose all communication with the outside world. Forced to exit the ship, they discover that this mission may not have been a simulation after all.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Potentially Great


Story: 400 Days starts with our four main characters Captain Theo (Routh), Emily (Lotz), Cole (Cook) and Bug (Feldman) being put in a social simulation for 400 days to show what it will be like to travel through space over long periods of time. We follow the four as they get put hiccups as the learn to manage them after losing connect to mission control early on but it is dealing with the psychological side of the mission that will test them the most.

When they open the hatch they find themselves questioning what happened but more worrying where they are now.

400 days really seems to be a film that is two different incomplete films, the first half is all psychological but when they leave the hatch it turns into a post-apocalyptic film that never really ends up being dealt with. Each side of the story works well as a single film but both don’t have enough time to really pull off what is really happen. As for the ending it is all left up to you what you think happens which doesn’t help and what happens to two of the character never really gets answered either. This has problems but really could have been great.


Actor Review


Caity Lotz: Emily is the medical officers who is also the former partner of Theo who has to make sure the crew remains sane over the course of the mission as well as keeping the medication up to date. Caity gives us a solid performance but really doesn’t get a chance shine.


Brandon Routh: Theo is the captain of the mission; he has to make the big decision with the information provided by his crew. He doesn’t want to be on the mission and has been on a four-day bender before the mission. Brandon continued to show why he is struggling to live up to the hype he once had early in his career.


Dane Cook: Cole is the engineer on the mission, he is easily the most unpopular on the crew and his cocky attitude leads him to become distant to the rest of the crew. Dane is another actor in this film who hasn’t made much of his career and even with this choice because he tries to do something different.


Ben Feldman: Bug is the brains of the crew making all the hard decisions and is clearly the smartest of the four crew members on the ship. He had to leave his young family behind for the mission which haunts him every day of the mission. Ben does a good job even if he does end up being a very generic character for the genre.


Support Cast: 400 days has a supporting you only see half way through the film but they end up being very generic.


Director Review: Matt Osterman – Matt brings us a great idea that doesn’t quite get pulled off effectively.


Mystery: 400 days keep you guessing what is actually happening to our characters.

Sci-Fi: 400 days puts our character in the experiment which would include space travel and a post-apocalyptic world.

Thriller: 400 days does keep us guessing from start to finish.

Settings: 400 days has two good settings the space ship which creates the isolation and the town the end up in that shocks.
Special Effects
: 400 days uses the effects for certain moments but tries to keep everything need to the  minimum.

Suggestion: 400 days is one to try, it does have a few flaws but you can see a couple of good points. (Try It)


Best Part: The ideas are good.

Worst Part: Not enough time for each story, both sides could have been short to increase the second one.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes


Overall: Something Missing but good ideas being created.


32 comments on “400 Days (2015)

  1. Thought it was very good movie, kept my attention, however, I was very disappointed with the ending. Too many unanswered questions,

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