Five Early Roles For Oscar Winner J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons is the focus of today’s early roles before his Oscar win, there is no questioning how good his performance in Whiplash was one of the best this century. He did follow that with a questionable performance in the latest Terminator Genesys but otherwise what else has he been in? With 161 credits to his name according to the IMDB I picked five that I think people won’t remember it being him.

5. Edwin Pollard – Dark Skies (2013)dark skies

I have picked his cameo like performance in Dark Skies because I feel it was one of the underrated horror films from that year. Edwin is the conspiracy theorist who believes in the alien invasion the family is being targeted by.

4. Detective Krauss – The Good Doctor (2011)doctor

The film follows a doctor who becomes obsessed with a patient that he keeps making ill Krauss investigates once the patient dies but what will he find that is the question. We get a couple of scenes between Simmons and Bloom who stays calm through the situation he is actually guilty off.

3. Buffalo Bill Cody – Hidalgo (2004)hidaglo

With Viggo Mortsensen being a hot prphety after the Lord of the Rings this film really is his film to shine as a leading man, and he does, but did you see Simmons in the supporting cast?

2. FBI Deputy Director Carter Preston – The Jackal (1997)jackal

Willis versus Gere in what was a great thriller from the mid 90’s but what would become the normal for Simmons is a law character and here we see him in the FBI.

1. Siskel – The Ref (1994)

In this comedy film we have fellow Oscar winner Kevin Spacey along with Denis Leary and Judy Davis, but if you look out you will see a small part from Simmons in one of his first film roles.


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