One More Week Until Stephen King Blogathon Starts

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Movie Rob and myself are going to be hosting our own Stephen King Blogathon over October, we have selected 62 pieces of his work and we are going to be splitting hosting duties and have selected the films we will be hosting. We are going to try and review as many of our selections as possible but we would also like to here your thoughts.

If you would like to review any of the films or even the ones we didn’t select let us know, also if you want you can review the books, feel free to review in any style written or video. Contact with your choices.
Here is our list that will get update when people put in their request.

  • 1408 – Filmfunkel
  • A Good Marriage – Early Morning Horrors
  • Apt Pupil
  • Bag of Bones – Mel (Fox)
  • Big Driver
  • Carrie (Original) – Kim
  • Carrie (2013) – Kim
  • Cat’s Eye
  • Children of the Corn
  • Christine – Early Morning Horror – Horror Addicts
  • Creep Show – Atothewr
  • Creep Show 2 – Emma – Chelseaa
  • Cujo
  • Dark Half
  • Dead Zone – Michael – Barry
  • Desperation
  • Diary of Ellen Rimbauer
  • Dolan’s Cadillac
  • Dolores Claiborne
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Fire Starter
  • Golden Years
  • Graveyard Shift – Early Morning Horrors
  • Green Mile
  • Hearts in Atlantis
  • IT – S.G. Liput
  • Kingdom Hospital
  • Langoliers
  • Maximum Overdrive – Kim
  • Mercy
  • Misery – S. G . Liput – Niall
  • Mist – Leah
  • Needful Things
  • Nightmares and Dreamscapes (All Episodes)
  • Pet Sematary – Happy Horror – Chelseaa
  • Pet Sematary 2
  • Quick Silver Highway
  • Riding the Bullet
  • Running Man – Laura
  • Salem’s Lot Original – Chelseaa
  • Salem’s Lot (2004)
  • Secret Window – Emma
  • Shawshank Redemption – Niall
  • Silver Bullet
  • Sleepwalkers – Early Morning Horrors
  • Stand – Sofawatch
  • Stand By Me – Summer
  • Storm of the Century
  • The Lawnmower Man
  • The Mangler
  • The Night Flier
  • The Shinning – Khalid
  • Thinner – Chelseaa
  • Tommyknockers – Early Morning Horrors
  • Trucks

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)

logoDirector: Christopher McQuarrie

Writer: Christopher McQuarrie (Screenplay) Christopher McQuarrie, Drew Pearce (Story)

Starring: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames, Sean Harris, Simon McBurney, Jingchu Zhang, Tom Hollander, Alec Baldwin

Plot: Ethan and team take on their most impossible mission yet, eradicating the Syndicate – an International rogue organization as highly skilled as they are, committed to destroying the IMF.

There may be spoilers the rest of the review

Verdict: Non Stop Action

Story: Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation starts in London, Ethan Hunt (Cruise) who gets his latest mission, a shadow nation known as the Syndicate who have turned the tables on Hunt. CIA Director Alan Hunley (Baldwin) is out to close the IMF with William Brandt (Renner) there to defend them the ruling is that the IMF is closed.

The Syndicate captures Ethan preparing to torture him before Ilsa Faust (Ferguson) saves him but remains undercover inside the Syndicate. Hunley is trying to hunt down Hunt even if it ends up going through his former team with Benji Dunn (Pegg) first up. Hunt continues to use his old team mate Benji as he tries to bring down the Syndicate, the question remains just how deep does the Syndicate’s cover up go and can Ethan and his team stop them before they complete their plan to create a new world they can control.

Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation is the toughest test Ethan has faced to date while I still wonder how anyone would even consider the fact Ethan has gone dark after just the four mission we have seen, we have to deal with it again here. I like how through the how film you are not sure what side of the fence Ilsa is but when it comes to Ethan’s story it does feel like more of the same. It is unfair to say this is bad because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and this could easily be the most action packed of the series especially as it doesn’t seem to let you have time to breathe. This is a wonderful addition to the spy genre. (8/10)

Actor Review

Tom Cruise: Ethan Hunt is our leading special agent who has been working on tracking down the Syndicate, when his unit gets closed down yet again he must go rogue himself with both the Syndicate and CIA after him. Ethan has to turn to his trusted team to supporting him along with undercover British Agent Ilsa to stop the Syndicate once and for all. Tom Cruise continues to show why he is the biggest blockbuster star around this a great performance. (9/10)hunt

Jeremy Renner: William Brandt has to deal with the wrath of the CIA Director who is out to stop Ethan and the IMF. He must let Ethan complete the mission but can’t directly help him in anyway, before teaming up with Luther to save Ethan. Jeremy continues with this almost awkward role, not his fault his character just feels out of place in the action side of things. (7/10)

Simon Pegg: Benji Dunn is the technologically skilled team member of Hunt’s who ends up getting pulled into the field which he wants to take down the Syndicate while being chased down by the CIA. Benji brings all the laughs to the making everything have a lighter feel which is much needed with all the action. Simon gives a great performance with an added laugh in almost every scene he is in. (9/10)benji

Rebecca Ferguson: Ilsa Faust is the member of the Syndicate that helps Ethan but through the whole film we never really know who she is working for even with her connection with the British Secret Service. Rebecca does a good job in the role that offers up the most interest mainly because we don’t know where her alliance is and Rebecca helps give mystery to his character. (7/10)ilsa

Sean Harris: Solomon Lane is the leader of the Syndicate, former British Intelligence who is waging his own war where he can end up control the fire arms being used in wars. Sean makes for a good villain but I think we still need that little extra from his characters side. (7/10)

Support Cast: Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation has a big supporting cast that are the henchmen, the supporters of Ethan and just the pawns in the game as the truth needs to be bought out.

Director Review: Christopher McQuarrieChristopher brings his own style of action to this film to make us entertained from start to finish. (8/10)

Action: Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation has brilliant action sequences through the whole film. (9/10)

Thriller: Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation keeps you on the edge of your seat from the opening sequence until the end credits. (10/10)

Settings: Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation uses each setting to create another action sequence that all works but nothing to make us think they are important to actual story. (6/10)

Suggestion: Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation is a must watch this year as it is easily one of the best action films of the year. (Watch)

Best Part: Morocco chase.

Worst Part: I think there is more to come from the Brandt character.

Action Scene Of The Film: Morocco chase.

Funniest Scene: No masks.

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: Yes

Post Credits Scene: No

Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 2 Hour 11 Minutes

Tagline:  Go rogue

Trivia: The stunt coordinator told Simon Pegg that Cruise was going to do all the driving because he didn’t have any driver better than him.

Overall: Spy films have never felt more action packed.

Rating 85

Five Early Roles For Oscar Winner J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons is the focus of today’s early roles before his Oscar win, there is no questioning how good his performance in Whiplash was one of the best this century. He did follow that with a questionable performance in the latest Terminator Genesys but otherwise what else has he been in? With 161 credits to his name according to the IMDB I picked five that I think people won’t remember it being him.

5. Edwin Pollard – Dark Skies (2013)dark skies

I have picked his cameo like performance in Dark Skies because I feel it was one of the underrated horror films from that year. Edwin is the conspiracy theorist who believes in the alien invasion the family is being targeted by.

4. Detective Krauss – The Good Doctor (2011)doctor

The film follows a doctor who becomes obsessed with a patient that he keeps making ill Krauss investigates once the patient dies but what will he find that is the question. We get a couple of scenes between Simmons and Bloom who stays calm through the situation he is actually guilty off.

3. Buffalo Bill Cody – Hidalgo (2004)hidaglo

With Viggo Mortsensen being a hot prphety after the Lord of the Rings this film really is his film to shine as a leading man, and he does, but did you see Simmons in the supporting cast?

2. FBI Deputy Director Carter Preston – The Jackal (1997)jackal

Willis versus Gere in what was a great thriller from the mid 90’s but what would become the normal for Simmons is a law character and here we see him in the FBI.

1. Siskel – The Ref (1994)

In this comedy film we have fellow Oscar winner Kevin Spacey along with Denis Leary and Judy Davis, but if you look out you will see a small part from Simmons in one of his first film roles.