Top 5 Favourite Amy Adams Roles

Amy Adams is one of the best actresses in Hollywood today and one of my favourites. She has an incredible five Oscar nomination but some how hasn’t picked up a trophy yet. I do think it is only a matter of time before she wins one and some how I haven’t seen four of her nomination so they won’t be making the lists.

5. Giselle – Enchanted (2007)giselle

Giselle is from a Disney kingdom looking for her Prince Charming but she falls into the real world where she has to stay in her Disney positive going through the real world of New York. This is a film where Amy gets to show off her singing abilities throughout.

4. Sydney Prosser – American Hustle (2013)hustle

Sydney is the partner in crime with Irving, they have great chemistry but are strictly professional while on the job. This role got heads turning towards her from a casual audience.

3. Mickey – Trouble With the Curve (2012)curve

Mickey is the daughter of ageing baseball couch who knows how to read the game like her old man but has chosen a different career. She goes on a journey with her father for one last season where she learns and shows off more of her ability to read a young player.

2. Mary – The Muppets (2011)muppeys

Mary is the perfect match for Gary as they go on the adventure to save the Muppets in this reboot of the classic series of characters. She is the serious side of the relationship but is happy to let Gary have the fun, she also gets to show off the singing ability throughout.

1. Margaret Keane – Big Eyes (2014)keane

Margaret Keane is the world famous artists who gets caught up in the middle of who really was the artists with her husband trying to claim the work. This is an amazing real story of one of the most popular artists f the 20th Century. I personally think this was one of the better films from last year that really did deserve high accolades.


10 comments on “Top 5 Favourite Amy Adams Roles

  1. Amy Adams always seems to be overlooked come awards season, but I think that is bound to change sooner than later. No one that talented can go so long without bagging an Oscar or a BAFTA. I loved her in American Hustle, she was the perfect person to play Sydney. Some of her outfits in AH …wow..

  2. Good list. I’ve only actually seen a couple of them myself. I didn’t really like American Hustle, but she was definitely one of the best things in it — and I concur that her outfits were another!

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