Top 5 Favourite Will Ferrell Roles

Will Ferrell is one of the most loved comedic actors in the now generation, I personally think he is one of the best serious actors around and I am not too keen on his over the top comedic style, I am going to pick my favourite five roles out of his 94 acting credits.

5. Chazz Reinhold – Wedding Crashers (2005)wedin crashr

This might only just be a cameo role but in the end he steals every scene and helps our main character discover what they want.

4. Chazz Michael Michaels – Blaze of Glory (2007)blades

Chazz is the unprofessional ice skater who gets banned fr life and has to team up with his rival to become an Olympic champion again. This is at the limit of the over the top comedy he gives us and does a great job with the chemistry with Jon Heder.

3. Allen Gamble – The Other Guys (2010)other guys

Allen is the safe and steady cop who has to team up with the hot shot cop who wants to become the most respected. The double act if perfect as Ferrell effortlessly stays calm while Wahlberg lets loose.

2. Buddy – Elf (2003)elf

Buddy is thee Elf who has over stayed his welcome in the North Pole and goes in search for his real father. This is the ultimate new Christmas movie that Ferrell gives the best comedic performance of his career.

1. Harold Crick – Stranger Than Fiction (2006)harold

Harold is a normal man living a normal ordinary life but when he starts hearing a woman narrate his life everything starts to change and we get to see how things are improving but also falling apart. This is a stunningly underrated performance from Ferrell showing he doesn’t have to act the clown in every film.


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