Top 5 Favourite Tom Hanks Roles

Tom Hanks is easily one of the most iconic actors in the modern era of Hollywood. He has 76 acting credits to his name with 2 Oscars wins. I may not have seen many of his 80’s films so I am going to pick my favourite roles, as always these won’t be the best films but they are the ones I enjoy. I have also decided to leave out voice performance so no Woody.

5. Paul Edgecomb – The Green Mile (1999)green mile

In this Stephen King epic we see Paul as the prison guard who has to look after the inmates on death row, he makes friends with John Coffey who claims to be innocent and he starts trying to learn more about the truth.

4. Viktor Navorski – The Terminal (2004)terinal

Viktor goes on a simple holiday but when his country enters into a war he finds himself without a country to call home and tapped inside JFK airport. He makes friends and tries to find ways to survive. This is one of the most charming performance of his career and always makes me smile.

3. Carl Hanratty – Catch me If You Can (2002)catch

Carl is the man trying to catch Frank Abangnale jr, the story goes over decades as we watch the tw0 characters become friends even if they are opposite sides of the law. This is an incredible true story that Hanks actually lets DiCaprio take the lead without ending up falling into the secondary role.

2. Forrest Gump – Forrest Gump (1994)gump

Forrest is the not fully their man who seems to luck his way through an incredible story, Forrest becomes one of the most lovable characters on the screen history and also has plenty of lines that will stick with you. This was Hanks’ second Oscar win.

1. Michael Sullivan – Road to Perdition (2002)michael

Michael is a seasoned criminal who has to fight to keep his son alive against his former boss. I am sure many people who will question this pick but I think this is the anti Hanks role of his career.


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