Top 5 Favourite Shia LaBeouf Roles

Shia LaBeouf isn’t one of my favourite actors in Hollywood in fact he is one actor that usually makes me avoid films. He has his certain ways to make films which I understand helps him achieve his performance. He has 50 credits to his name and I will be looking at my favourite ones.

5. Jerry Shaw – Eagle Eye (2008)eye

Jerry is an ever day young man who gets caught up in the middle of a battle between a computer intelligence system and the government trying to kill him. Yes this isn’t the great film but it is a fun action film.

4. Chas Kramer – Constantine (2005)constine

Chas is the assistant to Constantine as he battles the forces of the underworld. This is one of the two roles that show his quick talking style in supporting roles before getting his big  break.

3. Farber – I, Robot (2004)robot

Farber is the street connection for detective in the film and once the robots rise he is ready for the battle. This is an even smaller role than Constantine but just as effective showing his style.

2. Sam Witwicky – Transformerstransformers

Sam is the lead in all three of the Transformers films where he becomes the reluctant hero in the middle of a battle between Autobots and Decepticons.

1. Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan – Fury (2014)fury

Boyd is one of the five men trapped in enemy territory during World War II, the five are in a tank with enemies closing down on every direction. This is one of my favourite films of last year and you can finally see just what Shia is capable off.


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