Top 5 Favourite Lukas Haas Roles

Lukas Haas has been starring in movies since 1983 making his first appearance at a very young age of 8 years old, he has worked with many of the biggest names in Hollywood. We would all recognise his face but we might not all be able to put a name to it. Lukas has never been afraid of turning up in smaller roles but will always make an appearance in the odd blockbuster along the way. Today is his birthday and I am going to look at my favourite five roles of his.

5. Patient – Welcome to the Black Parade – My Chemical Romance (Music Video)patient

I have this music video on my list because I feel it is one of the most iconic characters used in music video history. We follow the patient as he dies and moves of the next life meeting strange characters along his path.

4. Nash – Inception (2010)inception

This is an example of a smaller role in a mega blockbuster as Nash works for Cobb in his dream stealing enterprise but sells him out. We only see this character for a couple of scenes but his actions help introduce the main job.

3. Samuel – Witness (1985)witness

His character witnesses a murder but after the people responsible come after this young boy FBI agent has to move into his Amish community to protect him. This is one of Lukas early roles and show just how much talent he had.

2. Richie Norris – Mars Attacks! (1996)mars attacks

Richie is the total opposite to his brother who goes to fight the Martians because Richie is happy with his life in the doughnut shop and once the attack happens he just wants to save his grandmother but accidently finds a way to stop the Martians.

1. The Pin – Brick (2005)brick

The Pin is the leader of a high school drug ring going on in the small town. He opens up his door to Brendan and brings him in on the business but fails to see how the changes are going to affect him. The Pin is a calm collected character that works from his mother’s basement and carries his trademark cane. This being one of my favourite films I feel his character play out in the story perfectly.


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