Top 5 Favourite Christina Ricci Roles

Christina Ricci has 64 credits to her name on the IMDB and first made an appearance on screen when she was 10, 25 years later she is still making the films and is one of the success stories of former child stars who matured into adult roles. In her career she has appearing an nearly every genre in film and has been nominated for a Golden Globe. I personally have grown up watching her films when I first saw her as Wednesday Adams and later appearing in Casper I have witnessed her grow into a beautiful actress who isn’t afraid to take the risky roles. Today is her birthday and I am going to pick my favourite five roles of hers, I do think she has done better roles but I enjoyed these roles and films the most.

5. Trixie – Speed Racer (2008)trixie

Trixie is the girlfriend of Speed and is clearly over excited most of the time, but she can also handle herself behind the wheel. This film is a guilty pleasure because once I start watching I can’t seem to switch it off.

4. Cassie Grant – The Gathering (2003)gathering

Entering into world of horror in what was a really unfortunate film because it came out the same time as a real life story that is very similar to the subject material so not many people saw it. I picked this because I liked the idea of the investigation idea which this offers up.

3. Selby – Monster (2003)monster

Selby is the lover of notorious serial killer Aileen Wuernos who sticks by her side on her murderous rampage that shocked America and won Charlize Theron an Oscar.

2. Katrina Van Tassel – Sleepy Hollow (1999)sleepy hollow

Katrina is the daughter of the Van Tassel family in Sleepy Hollow who becomes the main target of the headless horseman striking terror through the village. She has to team up with Ichabod Crane to find out the truth. This would be one of the first films where we see a mature Christina and opposite Johnny Depp too.

1. Kathleen ‘Kat’ Harvey – Casper (1995)casper

This was one of the first films I ever saw and it really was great for when you are a kid, having also loved the cartoon the film worked very well for me and Christina gives a great performance in what has to be one of my best childhood memories from a film.


10 comments on “Top 5 Favourite Christina Ricci Roles

  1. Love her as Trixie! And same thing happened to me. Didn’t think I’d care for Speed Racer (though I did watch its cartoon), but roll credits and I loved it. And I love her in Sleepy Hollow.

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