2015 Watched List Part 37


Over the past year I have seen an incredible amount of films and I have decided to share with you all which ones I have seen in what order. I am going to be doing these in groups of ten, where I will pick my favourite of the bunch and the worst of the bunch.

So without further ramblings here we go with 371 – 380:

  1. Lawnmower Man The film that King sued, because it has his name all over it and terrible special effects now.
  2. Hearts in Atlantis This serious King film has a supernatural sense to it but keeps things in the realm of coming of age story.
  3. Memorial Day This film follows two generation and their war time stories, beautifully shot too.
  4. Creepshow 2  3 Short horror stories that all end up telling a different story but not a scary as the first time around.
  5. Self/less What is you could get a new body and live your life again, well this film answer that question and is a good action sci-fi thriller.
  6. Apt Pupil One of the final few King films follows a high school kid trying to blackmail a war criminal, tense thriller here.
  7. The Shining One of the greatest horror films ever made and nothing I can say will change what people think about it.
  8. Sometimes They Come Back This was my last King film and easily one of the worst when dead people start coming back to life to get revenge on the people who were with them when they died.
  9. Friday the 13th: A new Beginning  The Scooby Doo edition of Friday the 13th.
  10. Friday the 13th Jason Lives Jason is back and deadly than ever as he goes against Tommy is what could be their final battle.

The Best – The Shining

The Worst – Sometimes They Come Back


  1. SLIP/THROUGH - Dan – Ottawa – Dan is a huge movie nerd, former video store owner, screenwriter, turned online film pundit. He runs SLIPTHROUGHmovies.com - highlighting movies & TV you don't want to slip through the cracks. This cinephilian outcast also runs TALEOFTWODANS.com, with his fellow movie nerd named Dan. Two generations (Gen X & Millennial) duke it over everything from indie gems to comic book movies. Dan is also super proud about his contributions to THAT MOMENT IN, a totally rad site that deserves your attention. David leads a passionate roster, focused on the strong premise that "every movie has one great moment."
    SLIP/THROUGH - Dan says:

    Holy Stephen King, Batman! You suffered through some turds, bit found the gold – man, I love the Shining too. And hahaha good Scooby Doo joke.

  2. Vrushali – India – I'm an INFP introvert and I live in India. I am a post-grad student and am currently studying to be an accountant. I love books, art, and writing and you'll always find me talking about these!
    vrushali21 says:

    I started reading Low men In yellow coats which is the original name of the short story written by SK and which was made into Hearts in Atlantis. It is a really good story and I am hoping the movie too will be great! Which I’ve not yet seen.

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