2015 Watched List Part 28

Over the past year I have seen an incredible amount of films and I have decided to share with you all which ones I have seen in what order. I am going to be doing these in groups of ten, where I will pick my favourite of the bunch and the worst of the bunch.

So without further ramblings here we go with 281 – 290:

  1. Who Framed Roger Rabbit logo The classic film following the adventures of a cartoon rabbit who has been framed working with a cartoon hating investigator to uncover the truth. It is one all would have seen but this was only my first viewing.
  2. Sand Sharks Sharks that live in sand, what more do you need to know.
  3. Dracula Untold logo Yet another attempt to bring the Dracula legacy back to life and failing miserably.
  4. Pound of Flesh logo Jean Claude Van Damme action film, about getting his kidney back, yes that is the plot. You know what you are going to get here.
  5. Inside Man logo Bank robbery with a twist in one if not the most underrated heist movie of all time.
  6. Sharknado 3 logo Madder Badder and wilder than ever.
  7. Home logo Charming little animated film about accepting being different.
  8. Children of Men ogo One of the best sci-fi movies ever made with brilliant tracking shots throughout.
  9. Wolf Creek 2 logo A sequel gone bad.
  10. The Pianist logo Stunning, hard to watch drama following a Jew trying to survive the holocaust.

The Best – Children of Menogo

The Worst – Sand Sharks


  1. I love Children of Men too. That swiveling camera shot inside the car during a chase was mind blowing…. and something of a trademark for Cauron: complicated camerawork. Great message and character work too.

      • i think it’s underrated and forgotten because there’s no spaceships or superheroes, but rather an interpretation on our future (for the scifi element). Maybe this powerful film is too subtle for the stereotypical fanboy? Regardless, great review. Once again, thanks for spotlighting Children of Men.

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