Top 5 Favourite Brad Pitt Roles

pittBrad Pitt is one of the most loved actors in Hollywood today; he has 71 credits to his name according to the IMDB. Brad also has three acting Oscar nomination to his name for Moneyball, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for leading roles and a supporting one in Twelve Monkeys. The only win to his name comes with his is as a producer of 12 Years a Slave. Through his career he has managed to pull off a complete range in genre as well as being the lead or supporting characters.

5. Mills – Se7en (1995)mills

Mills is the rookie cop who works alongside season veteran who ends up involved in one of the most twisted stories in film history. Mills is hot headed and fails to see some of the smallest details and ends up paying a price we will never forget.

4. Lt. Aldo Raine – Inglorious Bastards (2009)aldo

Aldo is leader of the Nazi killers out to get revenge on all the Jew killers. This is by far one of the most outrageous roles he has ever played and with the highlight being his deliberately painful Italian accent during the cinema scene.

3. Jeffrey Goines – Twelve Monkeys (1995)12 monkeys

Jeffrey is someone that our lead meets over the time he travels to and each time he is in a different position be it in the mental home or part of the movement. You always want to know when he will return to the screen in this film.

2. Joe Black – Meet Joe Black (1998)joe black

Joe Black is a mysterious man that turns up in a family’s life, we have to learn why he is there and Brad gives an engaging performance.

1. Rusty Ryan – Ocean’s Eleven & Thirteen (2001, 2007)rusty

While I will not consider twelve in this I do think Rusty is my favourite character, he always blends into the background while always seems to know what is going on.

Honourable Mentions

  • Tyler Durden – Fight Club – This didn’t make my list because I feel without Ed Norton performance it wouldn’t be as good as it was.

Our Favourite Performance – Harrison Ford

We have been looking at our own individual favourite role from the star above, we would like to hear from you about which is your favourite role. Lewis made this decision and what a hard one to pick with two of the most loved trilogies to his name.

Lewis’ Pick

Han Solo – Star Wars (Original Saga) solo Han Solo and his partner in crime Chewbacca who join the fight on the good side against the evil Darth Vader and are easily one of the best on screen pairings of all time.

My Pick

Rick Deckard – Blade Runner (1980) blade runner Tasked with finding four replicants after they escape from their off world colony and head to Earth.

Lesley’s Pick

Han Solo – Star Wars (Original Saga) solo Han Solo and his partner in crime Chewbacca who join the fight on the good side against the evil Darth Vader and are easily one of the best on screen pairings of all time.

Windle’s Pick

Mack Harken – Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)anchor man

Ian’s Pick

Indiana Jones (1981) indiana Everyone’s favourite archaeologist who was at his peak when he went searching for treasures while other more deadly people are also after the treasures.

Simon’s Pick

Tom O’Meara – The Devil’s Own (1997)devils

Jenna’s Pick

Tom O’Meara – The Devil’s Own (1997)devils

Trailer Alert – Supremacy

Plot –A just paroled white supremacist and his ruthless girlfriend kill a cop and take an African American family hostage. Meanwhile, Sobecki, the heavily-tattooed supremacist leader who oversees his criminal empire from behind bars, is not thrilled when he learns of his charge’s screw-up. The patriarch of the family, an ornery ex-con himself, must rely on his wit and understanding of the racist mind to find a plan to free his family, but not before he confronts his own brand of bigotry and anger.

Release Date:  6th April 2015


  • Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon)
  • Joe Anderson (The Grey)

Director: Deon Taylor (Chain Letter)

Highlight of the Trailer: Danny Glover preparing to fight back.

What Looks Good? The tension

What Looks Bad? The talking

Summary: The idea being based on a true story helps the film get the intensity, this could be very good and be a very good hostage film but it also could turn into something stale and used.


Will I Be Watching? Yes

Will You Be Watching?

My Anticipation Rating –70%

My Guess Rating – 60%

Will It Be Number One In UK? – No