Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014)

logoDirector: Valeri Milev

Writer: Frank H. Woodward (Screenplay)

Starring: Anthony Ilott, Aqueela Zoll, Sadie Katz, Rollo Skinner, Billy Ashworth, Roxanne Pallett, Chris Jarvis, Joe Gaminara


Plot: A sudden and mysterious inheritance brings Danny and his friends to Hobb Springs, a forgotten resort deep in the West Virginia hills. Hobb Springs is being looked after under the watchful care of Jackson and Sally, a socially and awkward couple who introduce Danny to the long lost family he’s never known. Soon, Danny is forced to choose between his friends and his bloodline.


Verdict: Best Sequel Yet


Story: We follow as one man gets a mysterious inheritance from family he never knew he had. He takes his friends up there to see what he got, when the two caretakers show them around we get the usual young adult weekend away. As the time passes we learn about our leads past but most importantly we learn about his family history and connection to the caretakers as the film unfolds. We see him have to face two worlds and he has to pick which one he wants to be part of.

After seeing the first two on the series we got something very well created to become a franchise. After seeing the next three instalments we only saw disappointment and attempted genre changing. I for one didn’t like the new attempt with the cannibals I felt it lost most of what made the first two special. We finally get some more backstory to show a bigger picture which was hinted through the second one, but taking away for the next few instalments. This could easily be the best sequel in the series as we have had the introduction and now we get to learn more about the cannibals. We also get to see how big the family is and how the family was made and became the creatures they are now. Sure the acting isn’t the best and we do have to go through a lot of needless sex scenes just to kill time as we don’t have to go through the running from the cannibals until very late in the film. If you were to watch the wrong turn films make sure you see this one in third place as it is a nice completion of a trilogy. (8/10)


Actor Review


Anthony Ilott: Danny the young man who has had a breakdown but when he finds out he has inherited property in the countryside he takes his friends to investigate. After meeting the caretakers he ends up changing and only he can decide which path he wants to choose. Anthony does a good job in the lead role being easily swayed by the people around him but making his choice well. (7/10)


Chris Jarvis: Crawford one of the sibling caretakers who tries to control Danny in his own way, trying to make him part of the family but he has a connection with the cannibals and also has the ability to control for now. Chris does a great job as the caretaker, showing a great screen presence throughout. (8/10)


Aqueela Zoll: Toni girlfriend of Danny who tries to support him through all the decisions but when he starts to change she is the first to confront him. She does an average job but the character is written to make the wrong decisions. (6/10)


Sadie Katz: Sally the sister of the caretakers who is harbouring a secret and is planning to make something bigger happen, along with her brother she has been planning to increase the family size. Sadie plays the role very well given a solid performance throughout. (6/10)


Support Cast: Friends of Danny make up half the supporting cast and they all offer themselves up to being very disposable, next to the cannibals we get a solid support cast that all do their jobs to help the story unfold.


Director Review: Valeri Milev – Brings the series back to where it is meant to be going with some solid direction and losing the over the top pointless torture porn style. (8/10)


Horror: Even though the subject matter is quite horrific we story tries to focus on the human responses to everything happening and doesn’t have too much horror involved. (6/10)

Settings: The hotel makes for perfect setting horror film even though the group are not trapped. (10/10)
Special Effects
: Great effects for the eventually kills, all looking like very good practical effects. (8/10)

Suggestion: This is one for all the horror fans to watch and enjoy, it is actually a horror sequel worth seeing. (Horror Fans Watch)


Best Part: Actually having a backstory at last.

Worst Part: Over use of sex, when we could have some real tension building.

Kill Of The Film: The fire hose

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: There are plans for a sequel, please let the same director and writing team return.

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes


Overall: This could be the best in the series so far, Huge Improvement

Rating 79

Trailer Alert – Furious 7

Plot – Ian Shaw seeks revenge against Dominic Toretto and his crew for the death of his brother.

Release Date:  3rd April 2015


Will this be a perfect send off to Paul Walker?

Jason Statham versus Vin Diesel and/or Dwayne Johnson, who wins that fight?

Tony Jaa, Kurt Russell both joining the show, how much will they bring to it?

Will this be the last in the series?

Will I Be Watching? Yes

Will You Be Watching?

My Anticipation Rating – 99%

My Guess Rating – 80%

Will It Be Number One In UK? – Yes

Halloween (2007)

logoDirector: Rob Zombie

Writer: Rob Zombie (Screenplay) John Carpenter, Debra Hill (Original Screenplay)

Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Brad Dourif, Tyler Mann, Sheri moon Zombie, William Forsythe, Bill Moseley, Udo Kier, Danny Trejo, Scout Taylor-Compton, Danielle Harris, Skyler Gisondo, Jenny Gregg Stewart, Hanna Hall, Kristina Klebe


Plot: After being committed for 17 years, Michael Myers, now a grown man and still very dangerous, escapes from the mental institution (where he was committed as a 10 year old) and he immediately returns to Haddonfield, where he wants to find his baby sister, Laurie. Anyone who crosses his path is in mortal danger.


Verdict: Reborn


Story: I want to start by saying I think the original is one of the best horrors of all time. Right the back story of how Michael became the monster is brilliant, we see how he was raised in a broken home constantly getting ignored, bullied and picked on by everyone. We see how he starts to show early signs of his new psychotic side. We also get more of Doctor Loomis trying to help him but failing to get through. These are all great addition. The escape is bloodier and the rest is very similar, Rob Zombie does bring in the back story earlier which helps to why Michael targets Laurie. This is what makes this one stand out more for the modern cinema fans out there. It never holds back and the blood will flow, this is up there with the greatest modern slasher films. (9/10)


Actor Review


Scout Taylor-Compton: Laurie the sister of Michael who has grown up without knowing anything about her past family. She is the innocent girl of her group of friends and gets left to babysit while her friends get to fool around. Good performance which I believe comes off better than the original Laurie. (8/10)


Malcolm McDowell: Dr Loomis he spends 17 years trying to help Michael, becoming his friend but in the end has to give up. After Michael escapes he is the one who tracks him down in an attempt to stop his killing spree for good. Good performance from Malcolm again raising the level of the character. (8/10)


Tyler Mann: Michael Myers the young killer who has turned into a monster with incredible strength and imposing size. He stalks his old town looking for Laurie and while looking for her he kills off anyone who gets in his way. Great performance, creating an intense killer that would scare anybody. (9/10)


Danielle Harris: Annie the friend of Laurie who passes off the kid she is looking after to Laurie so she can have some fun. Danielle does good, but I feel this character loses a lot from the original. (6/10)


Director Review: Rob Zombie – You see the name Rob Zombie you know what you are going to get, plenty of blood and gore, and with Rob’s unique take on the classic we get a complete re-imagination of this classic that works great. (9/10)


Horror: When it comes to modern day slasher films this could be the best, it is far more intense than the original but loses some suspense. (9/10)

Settings: Even though this is a re-creation it stays very loyal to the settings used in the original. (9/10)

Suggestion: This is a must watch for all the horror fans out there, but I think that is the only audience it will appeal too, the casual horror fans will not enjoy this. (Horror Fans Watch)


Best Part: The fact you actually feel for Michael.

Worst Part: The actual attack is short because of the long backstory it feels squeezed in at the end.

Action Scene Of The Film: Laurie’s being chases around the Myers house.

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: Has one

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $80 Million

Budget: $15 Million

Runtime: 2 Hours 1 Minutes (unrated)

Tagline: When Darkness Fell, He Arrived.


Overall: Great Remake That Brings A Legend To The Modern Audience

Rating 88

Trailer Alert – Starry Eyes

Plot – A hopeful young starlet uncovers the ominous origins of the Hollywood elite and enters into a deadly agreement in exchange for fame and fortune.

Release Date: Non set for UK


How twisted will this be?

Will this have plenty of blood?

Will this show how hard it really is to become a star?

Will I Be Watching? Yes

Will You Be Watching?

My Anticipation Rating –70%

My Guess Rating – 70%

Will It Be Number One In UK? – No