Thursday Movie Picks – Zombie Movies

thursday picks memeI have recently come across Wandering Through the Shelves Thursday Movie Picks Meme. This week it zombie based so I thought I would add my own three films to the selection. I am going to pick my 3 favourite hidden gems in the category.

First up we have

Kill Zombie (2012)logo

This Dutch film is based in Amsterdam and we follow a group of survivors as they go through the city trying to get to the safe zone. This is actually a horror comedy and I personally consider this one of the best zombie comedies I have ever seen. It has some very unique zombie kills and a interesting group of barmy characters.

The Dead (2010)the dead

Next we have The Dead, this follows an American mercenary who has to travel across Africa after a plane crash, all during a zombie outbreak. This again shows the location change making the scenery very different to what we used to seeing. Along with its sequel set in India this two are two very different and unique zombie experiences.

Now I would put Dead Snow in here but I believe that all zombie fans will have heard of and scene it, so I picked.

Cockneys vs Zombies (2012)c v z

This British horror comedy follows a group of bank robbers who get caught in the middle of a zombie outbreak, but they also mix up with the residence of an old people’s home to try and make it out of London alive. I picked this because it shows the clash of two completely different people who want to escape the zombie outbreak.


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