Trailer Alert – The Quiet Ones

Professor Coupland (Jared Harris) recruits a team of university students to help him create a poltergeist. With a supporting cast of Sam Claflin (Hunger Games: Catching Fire) Olivia Cooke (The Bates Motel) and from legendary British horror film production company Hammer Horror.


Will I Be Watching? Yes

Will You Be Watching?

How scary will it be?

Could this be a break out to film for Olivia Cooke?

Will it be a thinking person horror?

Will there be twists?

My Anticipation Rating – 85%
Will It Be Number One In UK? – Hopefully but I doubt it

Top 10 Favourite Stephen King

Today I am looking at my favourite Stephen King adaptation. I am not including The Shining due to him not seeing it as the best adaptation himself. I am also only including the ones I have seen, so you think something else should be on the list it might be that I haven’t seen it.

10. 1408 (2007)


9. Kingdom Hospital (2004) (TV)


8. IT (1990) (TV)


7. The Running Man (1997)


6. Stand By Me (1986)


5. The Stand (1994) (TV)


4. Hearts in Atlantis (2001)


3. The Mist (2007)


2. The Green Mile (1999)


1. Shawshank Redemption (1994)


Honourable Mentions

  • Desperation
  • Rose Red
  • Thinner
  • Storm Of The Centaury
  • Silver Bullet
  • Carrie