2014 Awards – Worst Film

Through the month of January I will be looking back on 2014, I will be looking at a range of subjects where I will be picking my best or worst in separate posts.

Today I will be look at Worst Film. Here are the films that I had to sit through even though they turned out to be just plain bad.

Mentions that could have been number one;

Hercules hercules I know I have be very critical of this film because of how it feels just like a remake of the Scorpion King and failed to really offer any sort of action that I was expecting. My review

Leprechaun: Origins – I know a lot of horror films can come off badly but this one too the cookie for me just terrible, with little to no scares and a title that makes no sense to what so ever. My Review

Sabotage sabtago We saw Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name on the film and we had to watch but what we ended up getting a terrible action film that just tries to have too violence for the sake of having it. My Review

The Quiet Ones quiet ones The horror genre again here but this time we have a supernatural idea that really lacks any punches and tries to have scares without really succeeding.  My Review

My pick for worst

A Million Ways to Die in the West a million ways to die in the west By now you must know that I really didn’t like this film and having Seth MacFarlane as a leading man doesn’t work, this has no laughs and gets miss-sold by the trailer. My Review


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