2014 Awards – Favourite Supporting Characters

Through the month of January I will be looking back on 2014, I will be looking at a range of subjects where I will be picking my best or worst in separate posts.

Today I will be look at Favourite Supporting Characters – what is a lead performance without somebody solid to back you up, well the supporting characters give us this so today I will be seeing which were my favourite of the year.

Mentions that could have been number one;

Rocket & Groot – Guardians of the GalaxyrocketThis double act are bounty hunters who join forces with our hero and with perfect timing that has been compared plenty of times to Han Solo and Chewbacca. These two steal every scene they are in and by the end of the film you will just be quote Groot ‘I am Groot’. My Review

Tars – Interstellar  – tarsThe robot that goes on the mission with our heroes and he has different emotional level settings including a humour setting which adds light comedy to very deep moments going on through the film. My Review

Clara – Frankclara In what was a very different comedy Clara plays the serious role perfectly letting the Fassbender perfect a Frank shine through. My Review

My favourite

Quicksilver – X-Men Days of Future Pastquciksilver When our younger heroes need help breaking Magneto out of prisoner they go to a special young boys house, that boy Quicksilver has ultra-speed and steals the short time he is in the film. My Review


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