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2014 Awards – Favourite Scenes


With the year coming to an end it is time to look back at an incredible year in film. I will be doing a series of posts about films of 2014 and first up I am going to look at my favourite five scenes. These are not in any particular order as they all offer something special.

Quicksilver’s moment of peace – X-Men Days of Futures Past

In what was one of the best X-Men films of all time it was the daring prison break of Magneto by Charles, Wolverine, Beast and young mutant Quicksilver that stole the show. After the group are about to escape they get confronted by a number of guards. This leads Quicksilver to put his headphones on playing Jim Croce’s ‘Time in a Bottle’ and in ultra-slow motion changes everything in the room so the group can escape.

The spinning connection – Interstellar

After an incident on the main space travelling ship, our pilot must dock his ship to the out of control station in one of the most pulse pounding scenes in sci-fi history. Mixed together with the music score brilliant camera work we as an audience ends up right at the edge of our sit through the whole sequences.

Under the Helmet – Frank

After a confrontation between the unusual Frank and our lead he loses his trademark helmet, but before we see what he really looks like he runs away. After spending time searching our hero final tracks down Frank and we learn all of his motivation for his music in what is a truly memorable scene.

The Car Chase – The Raid 2

When our hero gets caught up in a car chase involving cars, bike, van and plenty of hand to hand combat this is another one of those amazing action sequences that will leave you breathless. He must fight to survive and an unlikely man comes to assist in the battle.

Prison Escape – Guardians of the Galaxy

When it is hard to ignore any scenes in the space adventure film, I have picked this as my favourite from the film. It has Rocket explaining the plan while Groot goes off to start it unaware of what will happen just as Rocket explains the consequences.

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