2014 Awards – Best Horror

Through the month of January I will be looking back on 2014, I will be looking at a range of subjects where I will be picking my best or worst in separate posts.

Today I will be look at Best Horror, we have had so many horrors out this year most are just plain bad, but the few good ones were out there. This is a look at some of the better ones.

Mentions that could have been number one;

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resortlogo After sitting through all the wrong turn films and the awful decline from 3 to 5 I wasn’t expecting too much, but this was a total surprise it took the story and made it interesting again and could easily be up there with the best sequels in a discussion. My Review

See No Evil 2logoWhen the Soska sisters got the directing job for this sequel hopes were high for a bloody slasher film, instead they took it in a different direction and tried to recreate some of the classic slasher films. It just about works and is a breath of fresh air to the over saturated blood bath films. My Review

As Above So Below logo We follow a group of archaeologists as they go into the Catacombs in search for treasure, shot with found footage actually works.

My favourite

The Last Showing logo This film was about a couple who get trapped in a cinema complex by a disgruntled employee who wants to make his own horror film. My Review

Ones I have missed but will catch up on

  • Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead
  • The Babadook
  • Tusk



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