The Crash Reel (2013)

winterWinter Sports Blogathon hosted by Le Mot Du CinephiliaquelogoDirector: Lucy Walker

Writer:  Pedro Kos, Lucy Walker (Screenplay)

Starring: Mason Aguirre, Jake Burton, Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, Jack Mitrani, Luke Mitrani, Kevin Pearce, Shaun White


Story: Kevin Pearce was one of the world’s greatest snowboarders and this shows his rivalry leading up to the Winter Olympics with Shaun White. The film follows Kevin love of snowboarding and how he rose to the heights of the best in the world before tragedy struck in a practise sessions for the Winter Olympics. Kevin suffered a horrific head injury leading him to make major changes in his life. The film also follows how his friends and family deal with what happened to him. The film also shows the danger involved with the sport.




Verdict: A wonderful documentary on snowboarding using real footage and real life experiences.

Story: The story is put together excellently using achieve footage to show how America got all hyped up about a break out sport. It is very interesting seeing how the athletes trained for the sport and how close the professions are when one of their own gets seriously injured. (10/10)


Shaun White

Shaun White

Director Review:  Lucy Walker – A proven documentary film maker put together a brilliant film. (10/10)


The Awards the film has won

The Awards the film has won

Action: Good achieve footage showing how action pack the sport is. (9/10)

Documentary: Sports documentary that is a great vision on how one accident can change a landscape of a sport. (10/10)

Music: Great use of music always playing to the emotional level of each scene. (9/10)

Suggestion: Sports Documentary fans will love this, extreme sports fan will enjoy and also if you like a human story you will like this. It has something for everyone showing how one man’s desire to do something can affect everyone in their life. (10/10)

Best Part: Showing how hard these guys work.

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Overall: Brilliant Inspirational Story

Rating 93%