The Dentist (1996)

logoDirector: Brian Yuzna

Writer: Dennis Paoli, Stuart Gordon, Charles Finch (Screenplay)

Starring: Corbin Bernsen, Linda Hoffman, Michael Stadvec, Ken Foree, Tony Noakes, Molly Hagen, Patty Toy, Jan Hoag, Mark Ruffalo, Virginya Keehne, Earl Boen, Christa Sauls


Story: Doctor Alan Feinstone (Bernsen) is a successful dentist with a very successful practise, beautiful wife Brook (Hoffman) and seemingly perfect life. Things start to come crumbling down in his life after he finds out his wife is cheating on him with the pool guy Matt (Stadvec). Alan starts living each day with a mix of fantasy and revenged filled day dreams


Wife & Pool Boy

Wife & Pool Boy

Verdict: A twisted tale of how someone we have to trust can turn out to be the person we must fear the most.

Story: A seriously well assembled story that pushes limits to a character who just wants a normal life before finally breaking after realising that he cannot have it anymore. Alan reaction to what is happening is terrifying and carries the story.  (8/10)


Actor Review: Corbin Bernsen – The dentist who has been pushed to too many limits for his own good. This is a brilliant performance from Corbin who single handle carries this film to a new level a more average performance would have left it in. Star Performance Award, Scariest Character Award (10/10)


Actor Review: Ken Foree – Cop trying to figure out if it was a burglar who killed and dog before learning the truth. Routine cop performance who doesn’t know what is going on until too late. (7/10)


Actor Review: Linda Hoffman – The cheating wife who pushes Alan over the edge. Average performance as an un-loyal wife, does have some shocking torture scenes. (8/10)


Director Review:  Brian Yuzna – Does a good job creating a terrifying scenario with such a limited budget, prove you don’t need a mega budget to make something scary. (9/10)


Horror: being put in that position where you are meant to feel safe but end up being in danger can be one of the most terrifying things in life, this does this very well. (9/10)

Thriller: Sitting and waiting to see who will be his next victim and what will the dentist do to them. (8/10)

Believability: It is scary that this could happen; it doesn’t go on over time so one day a dentist could snap and do this. (8/10)

Chances Of Tears: NO (0/10)

Settings: Is meant to be a safe zone turned into a horrifying because of the Dentist actions. Turning a safe place into something scary adds something to all horrors so this is a great setting. (9/10)
Oscar Chances
: No

Chances of Sequel: There is a sequel.

Suggestion: I am always up for suggesting a smaller horror film that people may have missed. This will be one I suggest as it will satisfy enough fans of horror to get the recognition it deserves. If you have a fear of the dentist DO NOT WATCH. (Try It)


Best Part: Bernsen performance.

Worst Part: Would have been nice to see how the dentist acted before he broke.


Overall: Terrifying story that will make you question going back to the dentist again

Rating 82%

Chernobyl Diaries (2012)

logoDirector: Bradley Parker

Writer: Oren Peli, Carey Van Dyke, Shane Van Dyke (Screenplay) Oren Peli (Story)

Starring: Ingrid Bolso Berdal, Dimitri Diatchenko, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Devin Kelley, Jesse McCartney, Nathan Phillips, Jonathan Sadowski


Story: Two different groups of friends, one being, Paul (Sadowski) Chris (McCartney) Natalie (Dudley), Amanda (Kelley) and couple Michael (Phillips), Zoe (Berdal). Get a chance to go on an extreme tour of a Chernobyl town where the workers lived. All is going well until they get stuck there and night falls, when they learn they are not alone.


Verdict:  A horror that wants to be a found footage with a normal camera that shakes too much.

Story: I have to hand it to the writers the story on paper is a good idea. However the characters in the film are all act very stupid and takes what could be a good idea and thrown it away. The good idea is so poorly executed here with poor build up, no real explanation to what is going on and cheap scares. (5/10)


Actor Review: Ingrid Bolso Berdal – One half of the couple who does nothing to help anyone, apart from scream too much. Poor, over the top screaming reaction through the whole film. (4/10)

Actor Review: Olivia Taylor Dudley – Long term girlfriend who is enjoying the tour of Europe supporting her friend. Didn’t have much time to do much in the Chernobyl scenes as the group spend most the time looking for her. Unlucky Character Award (4/10)


Actor Review: Devin Kelley – The only character who really has anything to do and does a good job fighting and hiding from the creatures. Strong performance in a film filled with plain performances. Babe Watch Award (7/10)


Actor Review: Jesse McCartney – The long term boyfriend of Natalie who spends just as much time screaming at his brother than he does do anything useful. Poor again adds nothing but another person to look for in the dark. (4/10)

Actor Review: Nathan Phillips – Partner of Zoe this tough Aussie that will turn out to be the smartest character in the film. Good performance as he is the only one who shows a real level of fear as well as being level headed. Favourite Character Award (7/10)

Actor Review: Jonathan Sadowski – The brother who takes his brother and friends to the dangerous place. He is the only character who knows the local language and doesn’t bother using it dealing with strangers. Another poor performance. (4/10)

Director Review:  Bradley Parker – This directorial debut may turn out to be his last as he just doesn’t know where he wants to point the camera half the time, by trying to play they is something in the back ground card. (4/10)


Horror: The first couple of build-up jumps are good and look promising, the rest don’t. (3/10)

Thriller: Suspenseful to start fast forwarded too much too quick too early ruins the build. (2/10)

Believability: The extreme tourism is real but after that no not at all (1/10)

Chances Of Tears: only because you have watched it. (0/10)

Settings: It is a good setting and most importantly original for the horror genre. (9/10)
Oscar Chances

Chances of Sequel: There most likely will be, as too many unanswered questions that can make something out of nothing.

Suggestion: I guess most horror fans will want to see it for themselves but truth be told I wouldn’t suggest even to them myself. (Avoid)


Best Part: it is short so you won’t waste much time watching it.

Worst Part: The stupid characters who go shhh!! And hear a noise and shout for their missing friends.


Overall: A poor horror exploiting a terrible disaster

Rating 35%

House At The End Of The Street (2012)

logoDirector: Mark Tonderai

Writer: David Loucka (Screenplay) Jonathan Mostow (Story)

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Max Thieriot, Elisabeth Shue, Gil Bellows, Eva Link, Nolan Gerard Funk, Allie MacDonald


Story: Teenager Elissa (Lawrence) and her mother Sarah (Shue) move to a small town. They move into a house next to the one where a family was murdered by their young daughter before her apparent death. Elissa befriends the estranged son of the family Ryan (Thieriot) and it soon becomes clear that he has been keeping a big secret from the town and its people.


Verdict: A suspenseful horror thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Story: The story is very good it mixes elements of some of the greatest horror thrillers to make a story with plenty of twists you won’t see coming. It tries to hold back on the twists a bit too long which stops some of the characters developing as well as they should. In the end it is a story that never lets you rest because there is a jump in nearly every scene. (8/10)


Actor Review: Jennifer Lawrence – Teenage girl who goes against her mother’s wishes and tries to be a rebel throughout, also tries to have a romance with estranged boy in the neighbourhood. It is a good performance from Jennifer but you expect nothing more from this young starlet. This isn’t her best but she does a great job. Babe Watch Award (8/10)


Actor Review: Max Thieriot – Plays the estranged neighbour with plenty of secrets and how this character starts of very subdued and loving before showing off his true colours. This is a great performance it has glimpses of a young Norman Bates which is kind of ironic as Max plays a young Norman Bates’ brother in ‘The Bates Motel’. Star Performance Award, Scene Stealer Award, Scariest Character Award, Lesley Stud Muffin Award (9/10)


Actor Review: Elisabeth Shue – Overprotective mother who doesn’t want her daughter to follow the same paths on mistakes that she made. It is a standard performance that you won’t remember when you look back at this film, (6/10)


Director Review: Mark Tonderai – A good pieces of directing that will leave you wondering where he will go next as he has this genre down to a tee. (9/10)


Horror: Great aspects of Horror that really work for jumps throughout. (9/10)

Thriller: Good suspense throughout. (9/10)

Believability: Knowing what people are capable of this is actually believable which makes it all the more frightening. (8/10)

Chances Of Tears: No Tears (0/10)

Settings: Good use of isolation, creepy woods as well as creepy houses, works well through the hole of film. (9/10)
Oscar Chances

Chances of Sequel: It could have a sequel or even a prequel. One thing stopping it would be Jennifer Lawrence being a mega star now.

Suggestion: This is a good addition to the horror genre and its mix of suspense and jumps will satisfy most horror fans. Beyond that it may not appeal to many other film fans, maybe the odd one who is seeing what Jennifer Lawrence films were like before she hit the heights she is at now. (Give It A Go)


Best Part: A timid Ryan is getting beaten down by some bullies and we see what he is capable of.

Worst Part: The mums constant nagging.


Overall: A suspense filled thriller


Lesley’s Rating 75%

My Rating 80%

Reeker (2005)

logoDirector: Dave Payne

Writer: Dave Payne (Screenplay)

Starring: Devon Gummersall, Derek Richardson, Tina Illman, Scott Whyte, Arielle Kebbel, Michael Ironside, Eric Mabius


Story: Five strangers Jack (Gummersall), Nelson (Richardson), Gretchen (Illman), Trip (Whyte), Cookie (Kebbel) get trapped in an oasis in the middle of the dessert. They must get to know each other to survive the night after a creature whose stench is the worst thing they have ever smelt starts coming after them


Verdict: A horror film with a great twist that saves it from being a stinker.

Story: It is five people trying to survive a night together before a creature gets them, where have we heard this before? Exactly nearly ever group of idiots trapped horror film.  The creature itself is actually something quite scary if you jump easy. The story is done too much and if you can watch to the end that is where the payoff is, the twist is something you wouldn’t see coming and really is the saving grace of this film and gets it an extra point. (6/10)

Actor Review: Devon Gummersall – The blind guy in a horror film that relies on smell, good take on the character and really does fit the film as he turns into the best defence against the creature. Devon does a good job without shining but still enough to get the Star Performance Award (7/10)


Actor Review: Derek Richardson – He stands for everything a victim in a horror film would do before getting killed off. Derek does what is required without needed to do much. Unlucky Character Award (5/10)


Actor Review: Tina Illman – Her character takes control as well as is the best at becoming friends with the rest of the characters. Tina does a good job showing more distress than the rest of the characters and puts up a good fight. Kick Ass Award, Babe Watch Award (7/10)


Actor Review: Scott Whyte – Cocky guy who thinks he knows it all and granted he does the most exploring to discover the truth ends up filling the redemption role of a generic horror. Scott again does well without excelling. Smooth Talker Award (6/10)


Actor Review: Arielle Kebbel – The dumb blonde simply put makes all the wrong decision breaking the golden rules of horror. Arielle does a good job and it was clear to see she was hired for her looks and figure more than acting ability. (5/10)


Lesley’s Stud Muffin Award goes to Eric Mabuis

Director Review: Dave Payne – Taking a very generic look at horror and by using a couple of good key aspects to try and change things does do well, but nothing great. (8/10)

Horror: Good horror aspects throughout and follows guidelines to show who should be killed as well as creating an interesting villain. (8/10)

Special Effects: The special effects of the creature haven’t aged and still look very good now. (9/10)

Believability: Very little chance of ever believing this. (1/10)

Chances of Tears: NONE (0/10)

Settings: Good isolation and at night makes this another good point about this film. (9/10)
Oscar Chances
: No Razzies maybe.

Chances of Sequel: There is one but after seeing the end you will be waiting for the twist all the way through any sequel.

Suggestion: It is hard to suggest an average at best horror film. The horror fans will enjoy the kills and a good story lover will like the clever twist but other than that don’t bother. (Late Night TV Viewing Only)


Best Part: The Twist.

Worst Part: The plan supporting characters.

Kill Of The Film: Cookies.


Overall:  A plan horror film saved by a twist

Rating 62%

The Wolverine (2013)

logoDirector: James Mangold

Writer: Mark Bomback, Scott Frank (Screenplay)

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima, Hiroyuki Sanada, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Brian Tee, Hal Yamanouchi, Will Yun Lee, Famke Janssen


Story: Logan (Jackman) saves Yashida from a nuclear explosion, years later a lost Logan is located by Yukio (Fukushima). She has been sent by a dying Yashida (Yamanouchi) to say a final goodbye. Yashida offers Logan a chance to become mortal again and use Logan powers to save himself. After Yashida dies his funeral turns into a battle ground with the Yakuza trying to kidnap his granddaughter Mariko (Okamoto). Logan goes on the run with Mariko to protect her but something has caused Logan to become more vulnerable to pain.


Verdict: The Wolverine gets unleashed in a thriller in Japan.

Story: Well I was pleasantly surprised, I was expecting to see a light hearted superhero comic book film and what I got was a dark tale of betrayal and Japanese traditions. After the highly criticized outing last time out, this is a wonderful return to Wolverine’s best. The story packs plenty of punches showing how vulnerable Wolverine can be; it also looks at his past to see how a lost special someone has affected his mind set. (10/10)

Actor Review: Hugh Jackman – This is his fifth outing in a full film as the Wolverine it would be hard to say this isn’t his best. Jackman shines as the role that tests his character, granted it won’t win an Oscar but it is convincing. Star Performance Award, Kick Ass Award, Lesley Stud Muffin Award (10/10)


Actor Review: Tao Okamoto – The granddaughter who is meant to be the damsel in distress, she is anything but that showing how she can handle herself at times. It is a good performance from the debutant star and in another film she could easily win a few of the awards on my list. (8/10)


Actor Review: Rila Fukushima – One of the few other mutants in the film she has the power of foresight. She has a lot of honour for tradition as well to her friends. Tough, strong fighter, determined as just a few words to describe her. It is a great performance from the young lady, hopefully the first of many more. Debut Award, Favourite Character Award, Babe Watch Award (9/10)


Actor Review: Hiroyuki Sanada – Yashida’s son who has helped his father try to cure his sickness for years, becomes a human villain because of some of his intentions. Good character well performed by Sanada could have had some more screen time to show how he acted the way he did. (7/10)


Actor Review: Hal Yamanouchi – Logan’s old friend trying to prolong his life at any means. An unforeseen villain for Logan who pushes Logan to his limits. Good performance with very little screen time but strong character very welcome in the X-Men world. (8/10)


Actor Review: Svetlana Khodchenkova – Another mutant here she uses her powers to control and as well as having a dangerous tongue. Good villain who has clearly watched too much Mystique for research which takes a lot out of her performance. (6/10)


Director Review: James Mangold – having worked on some of the well-received film in recent years as well as ‘Knight & Day’ we can trust this guy to put together a good film. He does it again here back on good form. (9/10)


Action: Action packed from start to finish with fights, chases and more fights. (9/10)

Special Effects: Some great special effects with a huge robot in the final fight scene looking real all the way through. (9/10)


Believability: It’s from a comic book so not the most believable. (3/10)

Chances Of Tears: none (0/10)

Settings: Set in Japan and having some of the best scenery in any X-men film. (10/10)
Oscar Chances
: No real chance of any Oscar nods.

Chances of Sequel: The end credits scene show there will be a sequel and we all know there is going to be an X-Men film out in 2014.

Suggestion: This is one of the best comic book films in years and being able to put that up against the likes of The Dark Knight trilogy and Avengers is hard, this stands next to them. If you like a darker comic book tale this is a must watch. It may not appeal to the more serious viewers even though the story is a more serious one than we are used too. (Watch)


Best Part: The fight on the train.

Worst Part: The sad scene where Wolverine has to put a bear out of its misery after a hunter poised it while hunting. (Don’t worry Wolverine sorts the Bastard out)

Kill Of The Film: Viper death is stand out.

Favourite Quote: Yukio ‘Think of me as your bodyguard.’


Overall: Wolverine is back and kicking more ass than ever.

Rating 92%