Film Focus – The Innkeepers (2011)

Total film voted this one of the best films of Fright Fest 2011.

The story follows two employees last couple of days working in an old hotel, they believe the hotel is haunted and are trying to prove it. Luke (Pat Healy) is an expert in the world of paranormal activity while Claire (Sara Paxton) is still learning about the science.

Can they find out the truth about a mysterious death before the hotel closes forever and most importantly can they keep their last couple of guest happy and undisturbed while uncovering the truth.

Ti West has a good collect of horror films and also likes to put his own stamp of approved as the report about how Cabin Fever 2 got edited so much he wanted to disown it. This film has a nice touch too, it doesn’t focus on a team that go to a random haunted spot to find a ghost, it look more at the idea a place where people are trying to work is haunted.

This may come over as a slow build and is very focused on what happens in the last thirty minutes or so. I do feel the end leaves a few questions unanswered. There are a few jumps but only really one strong jump scene. Overall all horror fans will like the idea and should enjoy the film.

Best part: First jump scene

Best Character: Claire

Star Performance: Sara Paxton

My rating 76%


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