Film Focus – Truth Or Dare (2012)

After a game of Truth or Dare goes wrong something happens to the victim.

Months after the event five friends get invited to a party that the victim is throwing only to meet his brother Justin (David Oakes). After a few drinks Justin’s darker side comes out and the five friends learn that his brother Felix (Tom Kane) has killed himself because of a postcard sent by one of them.

Justin now performs his own version of truth or dare to uncover the truth about what happened that night.

Starting out as a plain revenge film that has a small twist to what the norm is mixing some torture but very under used if that was his plan. I feel the wrong characters get killed, but once you see the final reasoning behind the action they kind of make more sense. Its a very simple slashers film that is watchable.

Best Part: Justin Dark side coming out

Best Performances: David Oakes

Best Character: Gemma

my rating 65%


Film Focus – Monster Brawl (2011)

When monsters start wrestling and can it work

When eight monsters of film past get entered into fights to the death who will reign as the best monster of all.

The monsters involved are Cyclops, Witch Bitch, Mummy, Lady Vampire, Werewolf, Swamp gut, Zombie Guy and Frankenstein. Add in The mouth from the South Jimmy Hart playing himself promoting each fight, who do you think will win?

This clearly can’t be taken as a serious film I think if they were just flat out fights it could have had a better feel to it but in the end they are quick wrestling matches with a finish that shows what the monster/creature is capable of. Not a single one of the monsters actually has a scary feel to them, but I think the main highlight of the film is the montage on how the monster/creatures heard and prepared for the fight.

I think this could have been a lot better than it turned out to be, but with a limited budget the fights have to be simple and run of the mill special effects. In all honesty this is one you have to watch to see how bad it is.

Best Part: Montage stories

Best Character: The commentators are quite funny.

My rating 46%

Film Focus – The Dinosaur Project (2012)

British found footage thriller

The film follows a group of cryptozoologist who head off to Congo to locate a creature that could be the Congo’s very own lock ness monster. The trip takes a turn for the worse after an unknown flying creature attack their helicopter causing it to crash. Now the team has to race to survive the mystery of the Congo jungle.

I say this every time i watch a found footage film its all the trend and it is starting to get over used. In this one it almost feels used for the sake of it. the idea is good yet unoriginal take huge parts of the Lost World books along with it. The shaky cameras does add something to the feel of the fright but poor acting takes that away leaving very little to the imagination.

Even with these negatives you can still sit down and enjoy the story unfold and see what dinosaurs the creators bring to life.

Best Part: though its cheaply made the special effects are very good

Best Character: Paul

My Rating 72%

Film Focus – House Of The Devil (2009)

Ti West again behind the camera along with his writing and editing.

When young college student Samantha Hughes (Jocelin Donahue) she takes a job as a babysitter for a house in a remote country area. With the Moon having a lunar eclipse she learns that she is there to look after an elder lady. After the couple leave things start to get strange for Samantha, but what is really going on?

Shot in 80s style gives this great effect and great build to the conclusion. Jocelin does a great job as there are extended times of solo time on scene and she really doesn’t look out of place keeping you gripped to her next action. Ti West delivers again in this horror thriller.

Best Part: Samantha’s friend Megan’s death

Best performance: Joceline Donahue

My Rating 77%

Film Focus – I Spit On Your Grave (2010)

In the world of film remake come along way too often this is another one to add to the ever growing list.

The story follows a young writer Jennifer Hills (Sarah Butler) goes to a remote cabin to focus on her latest novel. Her trip is interrupted by the locals who attack and brutally rape her leaving her for dead. What follows is her revenge on the men.

If you were to compare this to the original it isn’t as brutal as the original got banned in many countries, but don’t take anything away from this film it is still disturbing viewing. If you do make it through the rape scenes you get more support for Jennifer’s revenge. In the end this is actually a very good horror film that is well worth a watch.

Best Part: The minds games Jennifer plays

Best Permanences: Sarah Butler

My rating 73%