Riding The Bullet (2004)

In this Stephen King adaptation directed to serial King director Mick Garris (Bag of Bones, The Shinning, Desperation, The Stand, Sleepwalkers)

This story follows an art student in 1969 called Alan Parker (Jonathan Jackson)  who is getting ready for a trip to see John Lennon’s new band before he gets a phone call about his mother (Barbara Hershey) who has suffered a stroke.

Alan has to hitchike his way to the hospital, along the road he meets strange characters and sees strange things including flashbacks from his past. All this tops of when crazed George Staub (David Arquette) who leaves Alan with one of the hardest choice he has yet to face in life.

Can he make it to the hospital in time to see his mother?

This is a nice story with little part of scare but overall it really plays on your own mind leaving you with questions about how you would react in his position. I also feel like it has a very good message in it conclusion which will leave you thinking about your own lives.

My Rating 76% 


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