Brake (2012)

When Jeremy Rains (Stephen Dorff) wakes up trapped in a box in a boot of a car, He tries to figure out what is going on. He has a radio which he chats to another man held captive Henry. He discovers that he has been captured by terrorists and they want to know where the president would hide if there was a terrorist attack.

What follows if Jeremy getting tested to see how loyal he is to the president and his country.

Following on from the success of Buried this adds more to that story where it is an law enforcement man in danger rather than simple worker kidnapped. What looks like it could end up being a pretty simple routine ending turns out to offer a much more surprising ending that is well worth the wait for.

My rating is 78%


Woman In Black (2012)

Stepping out of the Harry Potter franchise Daniel Radcliffe takes the lead in this hammer horror picture.

The story centres around a young lawyer Arthur Kipps who has to leave his son with the nanny while he travels to a remote village to look after documentation of the Eel Marsh House that belonged to the recently deceased Mrs. Drablow.

What seems like an innocent job takes a turn when he hears the town story about a mysterious woman in black who is meant to haunt the same house.

The story soon becomes real and the horrors of the reality could soon hit home for young Arthur, can he discover the truth before it is too late?

With very limited scene time for the supporting cast this film really does ride on Daniel Radcliffe’s performance. As i have never seen a Harry Potter film I still found it hard to see this guy not being Harry, which is a shame because he does put in a very good performance. It’s a performance that never seems to over react which happens way too much in horror films.

As for the scares i did find them effective to a level where you knew there was going to be one but what the scare was surprised. It is good to see this as a film that didn’t rely on lots of gory and used it’s suspense to create the horror, in the end its a very good horror film and what i would like to think was a good step for Daniel Radcliffe to get out of the Harry Potter tag.

My rating is 80%

Rock Of Ages (2012)

When young want to be singer Sherrie (Julianne Hough) moves to Hollywood she has her bag stolen she meets another wannabe singer Drew (Diego Boneta). Drew works in the famous Bourbon Club which is run by old rocker Dennis (Alec Baldwin), Drew gets Sherrie a job and the first few sparks start to fly.

Meanwhile Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise) is planning on leaving his band Arsenal and starting a solo career, He agrees to do one final show in the Bourbon for his old friend Dennis.

After Mike Whitmore (Bryan Cranston) is elected mayor himself and his wife Patricia (Catherine Zeta Jones) are determined to close the Bourbon.

What follows is telling of love in song, a battle for freedom of music, greed.

Knowing there was a classic 80s rock sound track was a huge selling point for me and i really wasn’t disappointed. Tom Cruise as the ageing rock star is brilliant, the two young leads both have incredible voices. If you don’t spend the next few days singing the songs you really haven’t enjoyed it.

Each part of the story comes together in one big story told in great fashion I feel if you like this type of music you will enjoy this film.

My Overall Rating 82% 

Husk (2011)

When five friends are travelling, you never know if they are going somewhere or returning from somewhere, birds attack the car causing it to crash. The are left on a deserted road surrounded by corn.

One of the guys Johnny (Ben Easter) is missing. Brian (Wes Chatham) and Scott (Devon Graye) go into the corn in search of him finding a empty farm house. This leaves Natalie (Tammin Sursok) and Chris (CJ Thomason) with the car.

Natalie sees what she thinks is a person in the corn, while at the same time Brain and Scott find Johnny sewing machine with nails through his finders. This is one of the good creepy scenes in the film.

When Natalie runs into the corn leaving Chris chasing her when the creature or scarecrow starts picking them off in the corn, We are left with what is the scarecrows back story and who will make it through the night.

As horrors go this is more average to poor, but i like how the start wasn’t any back story straight into the main people quick chat and accident. all the character are pretty generic you have you jock, nerd and out for themselves. The end leaves questions open which could easily lead to a sequel but judging on the poor success i don’t see one happening.

My rating is 54%

Chronicle (2012)

When lonely Andrew (Dane DeHaan) starts to record his life on film it becomes creepy, but when his cousin Matt (Alex Russell) and his friend Steve (Michael B. Jordan) invite him and his camera to investigate an unusual sound coming from a sink hole something happens.

The three of them discover they can control things with their minds, what seems like a serious of simple mind tricks turns into more as they all become more powerful. They start to fly and controlling their environment.

After what seems like a few pranks the trip home takes a turn for the worse as Andrew throws a car off the road. After this they try to make some rules so their powers can’t harm people.

Having this powers at a controlled level Andrew popularity rises but when a his alcoholic father Richard (Michael Kelly) throws him the truth about being used he gets pushed over the edge. The dark side of this power comes out and what follows is a battle between the good and bad of the gained powers.

This original take on a film using the idea of found footage but more live filming of the events as they happen takes this genre to the next level. Having an absolutely breath taking final sequence that makes the end of the Avengers look mediocre this is a most watch. This is bar far the best film i have seen this year the three main characters are developed to show how a little power can change people for better and worse.

The overall real effect through out this film using more than one person camera to tell the story we also use character called Casey (Ashley Hinshaw) who blogs her day through her camera to show side parts not including Andrew. This also proves you don’t need big name stars in a film to make it one of the best. The only negative i found was it was a bit short but I think if it was longer it would have taken away some of the impact of what had been created.

My overall Rating is a massive 98%